In Chernivtsi new police earn 27 March

Start a new patrol police in Chernivtsi scheduled for March 27. About this informed the head of Department of preventive activity GU of the National police in Chernivtsi region Svyatoslav Kisler, reports the local edition «Molodi bukovinets».

According to Kesler, now in Chernivtsi the police patrol.

«In January we started training our patrol officers who will take to the streets of the city at the end of March. They will help to ensure order and road safety directly in Chernivtsi», — said Kesler.

In addition, until July of this year, all police officers will be recertified.

Earlier, the head of Netpolice khatia Dekanoidze has promised that by June 2016 police patrol work in 29 cities.


7 November 2015 in Ukraine came into force the Law «On the National police». At the same time the Law «About militia» has been repealed.

The police have a new structure have the right to use certificates, seals, logos and emblems of the police and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine until the end of 2016. Also during this period, the police allowed the wearing and use of uniforms uniforms specific to the police.

All temporarily assigned employees of the National police will be recertified to a permanent position, applicants for Executive positions and investigators will undergo the polygraph test and will be interviewed.

In Chernivtsi new police earn 27 March 25.02.2016

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