In Chechnya killed were preparing a revolt bodyguard of Kadyrov. Asgardia during raids seized 60 young people

The regional center of Kurchaloy (Chechnya, Russian Federation) Monday, 16 January 2017, held a secret funeral Alikhan Halanevych Musaeva, one of the personal guards of the Pro-Kremlin head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

«Muzaev was suspected that he along with his villagers — alleged members of anti-government underground — planned armed action against the regime. On the evening of 15 January, the local security forces seized him, and after a while returned to his family a corpse,» reported, citing its own sources «of the Caucasus.Realities» («Radio Freedom»).

Relatives of Kadyrov explained that during the arrest the suspect «pulled out a gun from one of policemen and shot.»

It is reported that the family Musaeva not believe in the version about his suicide.

Dead photo appeared on Twitter.

In addition, on January 15, Kadyrov personally announced the completion of the special operation in Kurchaloy district, in which «eliminated four militants, approximately 60 detained», informs the «Caucasian knot».

At the same time, it is worth noting that Kadyrov has set itself the goal of the detention of one of heads of «terrorists», who retired from persecution January 11 in Tsotsi-Yurt (see below)and hiding in a wooded area. Of his personal data given only the information that he was from the town of Shali.

Help. Raids in and around Kurchaloy

10 January, Kadyrov announced the arrest in Tsotsi-Yurt of the young people who «were preparing a series resonant serious crimes». According to Kadyrov, among the detainees are relatives of the field commander ISA Muskiev. Relatives Maskievich, claimed Kadyrov, was preparing «to commit a crime, instead of to repent.»

Already on January 11 in the Kurchaloy district began mass arrests of young people.

Podborovye rounds were held in villages Bacourt, Tsotsin-Yurt, Geldagan, Kurchaloy and mayrtup. Arrests and detentions in these settlements began after the meeting that Kadyrov personally carried out in Kurchaloy.

Only Eldena that day took 35 young people.

Then in Tsotsi-Yurt killed four men and two Kadyrovites. In the beginning traditionally, it was reported that these civilians were shot dead «return fire» — the standard formulation, given the Russian «feds» in reports about targeted operations in the North Caucasus — but later, Kadyrov himself admitted that not all of them opened fire, although he had a weapon.

According to official figures, killed two soldiers of Regardie during clashes killed an ordinary Khamzat Hashum, and in hospital from the received in battle died of wounds corporal Bekhan Khutaev. The person killed has been identified as the residents of the city of Shali Umar Ozdiev, born in 1992, and Ryback Idrisov, born in 1988, native of the village of Germenchuk, Shali district, Alikhan Topchiev, 1984 year of birth, and a resident of the village of Kurchaloy Uzum Haji madev, born in 1980, which in may 2004 was sentenced to 12.5 years of imprisonment.

In the Kurchaloy district was involved all the structures included in Resguardo (riot police, SWAT, private security, police and so on). In particular, local residents have placed on their pages pictures of equipment of the former SOBR «Terek», subordinate to the head of protection of Kadyrov named Abuzaid Vismuradov.

Such a large-scale «operational activities» not seen since the cessation of active combat mode Kadyrov movement «Caucasus Emirate», Kadyrov presented as a fight led by the «from abroad» underground network «ISIL», while most observers and experts are talking about only the Chechen, the political background of this conflict. According to some opinions, discontent Kadyrov and his entourage in recent years, increases in force compulsory participation of Chechen men in the Russian armed invasion of Ukraine and Syria.

Before that (December 17-18) unknown fired at in Grozny, employees of traffic police. The attack ended with sweeps and casualties on both sides.

In Chechnya killed were preparing a revolt bodyguard of Kadyrov. Asgardia during raids seized 60 young people 17.01.2017

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