In captivity there are more than 130 Ukrainians, over 600 remain missing — Tandit

In captivity of militants is more than 130 citizens of Ukraine, more than 600 people are still missing. Comments about this channel «112» said the adviser to the head of the SBU Yuriy Tandit.

Commenting on the statement in the media «the Commissioner for human rights «DNR» Daria Morozova on the possibility of applying to the prisoners of the Ukrainian military to capital punishment — execution — Tandit said: «there is No need to contact us to speak from a position of strength».

«His statement it is (Morozova) needs to perform a certain role. Usually with us trying to say, using blackmail before the Minsk meetings. But we’ll not do it. Will do everything to guys released,» he said.

Speaking about the number of units held hostage by Ukrainians, Tandit stressed that «there («DNR») has no control of the laws, and the charges imposed on our children, are without any Foundation».

«The SBU established the center, it is the exact count on the number of prisoners ukraintsev. Talking about the figure of just over 130 people. But we must also remember those who went missing — more than 600,» Tandit noted.

Earlier in the comments «a New newspaper» «the Commissioner for human rights, «DNR» Daria Morozova said that the militants «no prisoners», who is their prisoner, indicted and will be convicted.

Speaking about the exchange of prisoners, she noted that the Ukrainian side in recent times submitted a list of 133 people.

«Allegedly, according to their information, they have. But we have these people no, there are only three dozen left. Civilian prisoners we have. We were all prisoners of war taken in battle. Normal mobilized: the drivers, the nurse, those whose actions were not found crime structure, have long been exchanged. Those who remained were mostly taken near Ilovaysk», — said Morozov.

Morozov also said that the Ukrainian fighter regiment «Azov» Eugene Kuznetsov was sentenced to 30 years of strict regime, «but the Prosecutor demanded the death penalty.»

According to Morozova, this is due to the fact that the criminal code «DNR» was developed on the basis of SSR criminal code of 1961 and there is the ultimate punishment — execution.

However, she added that prisoners now charged can be sentenced to death court decision «DNR».

Recall that in early January, the authorized representative of the President for a peaceful settlement in the occupied Donbass Irina Gerashchenko said that Ukraine at the last meeting in Minsk in 2015, provided the militants the names of 139 Ukrainian hostages, but the process of their release «was blocked».

January 13 in Minsk the participants of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas agreed to soon release more than 50 prisoners on both sides.

On 6 January it was reported that in captivity 140 occupants are Ukrainians.

In captivity there are more than 130 Ukrainians, over 600 remain missing — Tandit 08.02.2016

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