In Canada, in a shooting at a mosque killed six people

At least six people died in the shooting in the mosque in the canadian city of Quebec city (Quebec), reports Reuters. Eight people were injured. Two suspects arrested. Earlier it was reported about the five dead and 10 injured, writes

The Prime Minister of Quebec Philippe Quar called the attack a terrorist attack. In turn, the head of the government of Canada, Justin Trudeau said that the government condemn this terrorist act, directed against Muslims who were in a cultural and religious centre. He stressed that Muslims are an important part of the canadian population, and similar crazy actions should not happen in society.

According to eyewitnesses, at the time of the shooting at the Islamic cultural center were from 40 to 100 people. As the head of the centre, Mohammed Yangi, the attack occurred during evening prayers.

According to preliminary data, attacking was three, they burst into the mosque and started shooting. According to Mohammed Yangi, a skirmish occurred on the first floor, then the criminals went to the second floor.

Shot of the congregation were wearing masks and screaming «Allahu Akbar!», he told the radio station CBC.

«It seemed to me that they have the Quebec accent. They opened fire and shouted «Allahu Akbar!» The bullet hit praying people, one of them flew over my head», — told the radio station one of the witnesses of the incident.

According to him, the attackers were two men, their faces concealed mask.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has called the shooting in the mosque cowardly attack. The head of government said in his Twitter.

«Today, Canadians mourn those who perished in the cowardly attack in the mosque Quebec city. My thoughts are with the victims (of the attack) and their families,» wrote Trudeau.

The area of the incident cordoned off by guards. On the scene there are about a dozen ambulances.

Guards fully control the situation in the area of the attack on the mosque in the canadian Quebec city. On Sunday, said the city Department of police.

«The situation is under control, area checked (congregation) mosque evacuated. The investigation is ongoing,» — said in a statement quoted by TASS.

The police said that they detained two of the attackers and said that they could be a third accomplice.

In June of 2016 during the Holy month of Ramadan attackers threw offensive to Muslims item — a pig’s head to the entrance to the Islamic cultural center, which, according to RIA «news», called «great mosque» of the city. Find the criminals did not succeed. It is noted that in recent years the region has intensified Islamophobia.

Recall that in Canada in January last year a student opened fire at school, killing four people.

In Canada, in a shooting at a mosque killed six people 30.01.2017

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