In California are gathering signatures for secession from the USA

In California began collecting signatures for secession from the United States — the so-called Calexit, according to DW.

Supporters Calexit necessary within 180 days to collect signatures 585 407 people (8 percent of the state’s population). It opens the opportunity for two phases of a plebiscite.

As explained by the Los Angeles Times, then in the first referendum in November 2018 California residents will be able to vote on the repeal of two provisions of the local Constitution, according to which their state is «an integral part of the United States» and the United States Constitution — the «Supreme law of the land».

The second referendum on secession from the United States — in the case of the success of the first could take place in spring 2019. For Calexit required turnout of at least half of the voters registered in the state, and a positive response is not less than 55 percent of participants in the plebiscite.

California — largest us state in terms of population, there lives more than 39 million people. In the elections of CA has traditionally supported candidates of the Democratic party. The state leads in terms of GDP and ranks third in land area.

Let’s remind, initiators of the release of California from the United States gave the state attorney General a petition to hold a referendum in November 2016, after the victory of Donald trump at the election of the President of the United States. California became one of the States that actively supported his rival , Hillary Clinton: it is ahead of trump by 30% and more than 4 million votes.

In California are gathering signatures for secession from the USA 28.01.2017

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