In Brussels, police began a special operation. Thundered new explosions

Brussels police on Friday 25 March, proceeded to conduct the RAID in the commune of Sherbek. With reference to eyewitnesses, the TV channel RTBF informs that in place of the RAID was heard shooting and an explosion.

Currently the police are working in one of the apartments located in the house in the commune of Brussels. The area where the special operation was blocked by armed police and military trucks.

After raids in Brussels detained 7 people, two of whom were caught on surveillance cameras during the terrorist attacks

According to the Belgian authorities, during police raids in the Brussels region, two explosions occurred, writes «UKRINFORM» with reference to The Associated Press.

«The Belgian government says about the two explosions that were heard during the police raids in the Brussels region», — reports the Agency.

As indicated by the newspaper Le Soir, in the beginning of the operation was a loud explosion. Special units of the Federal police entered one of the houses. The surroundings were covered with «heavily armed police and military trucks». On site are also representatives of the demining service.

At the same time, according to Reuters, during the operation was «neutralized» by one person.

Earlier today it was reported that a large-scale police operation in Brussels ended with the capture of seven people that may be involved in terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital, which occurred on March 22. Six were arrested last night, another suspect was detained on the morning of Friday, March 25. The last suspect detained in the woods early in the morning while searches were carried out. On 25 March the court has to decide whether to place detainees into custody. One detainee has been arrested.

According to media reports, is an accomplice of Khalid Batrawi, who staged the explosion in the subway of Brussels. Meanwhile, Federal prosecutors have not confirmed the arrest.

Police and SWAT conducted a special operation in the city centre, as well as in the communes of Jett and Surbek. The operation also involved the police helicopter and the army. Three alleged criminals were arrested in his car in front of the Federal Prosecutor’s office. Two others were detained during a search in the commune of GATT, while the sixth suspect in a RAID in Brussels.

The terrorists, according to the channel RTBF, were much bigger than the attack on the subway and the airport. So, they planned to arrange in the Belgian capital executions of civilians, like the tragedy in Paris. According to some reports, the terrorists who were in hiding in the woods, was going to organize such an attack.

After the operation the Belgian authorities have decided to reduce the terrorist threat level to one notch to the fourth (maximum) to the third level. The fourth level means «serious and immediate» danger of terrorist attacks, and the third «probable».

We will remind, on March 22, in the «capital» of the European Union, Brussels, there were several explosions. 31 people died, about 316 were wounded.

Responsibility for the blasts took over the terrorist organization «Islamic state».

Were identified two of the suicide bombers: they were brothers , Basrawi — Khalid and Ibrahim, who were familiar to the police. Khalid exploded in the underground at the station «Malbec», and his brother — in airport. Another suspect of involvement in terrorist attacks Brussels — Najim, Sahrawi — is currently in hiding.

Let us add that before the police began to track down another suspect who is associated with the subway attack. He could help Bachraoui Khalid. On recordings from surveillance cameras show he carries a big bag.

In Brussels, police began a special operation. Thundered new explosions 25.03.2016

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