In Brussels Afanasiev and Aliyev called on Europeans to draw attention to human rights violations and repression in Crimea

Released from Russian detention Ukrainian activist, the Crimea Gennady Afanasyev and co-founder of the NGO «Crimea SOS» Alim Aliyev in Brussels called on Europeans to draw attention to human rights violations and repression in the temporarily occupied Crimea. They reported about it UNIAN in Brussels.

«We need an international mission for human rights in the Crimea and the strategy of de-occupation of Crimea. We talked about this in Europe and in the United States. We do not exclude that this may be the UN mission on human rights», — Aliyev said.

He explained that during the occupation in the Crimea, visited by only a few missions whose reports were «complementary» in relation to the occupation authorities, «because they were shown «Potemkin villages».

«We are talking about a permanent mission, which monitored the situation with human rights. We understand that it must be non-political,» — said the activist.

According to Aliyev, weekly, received information about the new political prisoners, searches and repression.

«It’s been a thousand days since the occupation. Crimea has changed in the social, political and cultural sense. We talk about the four factors changes. This — the militarization of the Peninsula, the replacement of the population: according to estimates by public organizations, there are now 35 thousand settlers from the Crimea, but also tens of thousands of those who come from Russia to Crimea is the military officials, business representatives», — the activist explained.

The third factor Aliyev called the formation of parallel institutions, when instead the occupation authorities prohibited the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people, the Russians created a special Pro-Russian organizations of the Crimean Tatars.

«And the fourth factor is the changing cultural maps, the change of cultural identity with the leaching of the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar cultural layers, to show that Crimea has always been Russian», — he added.

According to Aliyev, these questions are the subject of discussion during the meetings with EU representatives, European diplomats, members of the European Parliament and during the conference. Thus, in particular, during the meeting in Representation of the Czech Republic in the EU was presented an interactive map of human rights violations in the Crimea.

In turn, Afanasiev noted that urged the Europeans to mobilize the punishment of specific individuals committing offences in the sphere of human rights in Crimea.

«We encourage States that call themselves democratic, make a personal list, like the «Magnitsky list». It is necessary to mobilize the efforts that all countries have adopted such sanctions», — he stressed.

We will remind, on November 16, the Ukrainian draft resolution entitled «Situation of human rights in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)» the UN has supported 73 countries, and 23 voted against, among them, in particular, were Russia and Belarus.
For the first time in a UN document called Russia the state-occupier, and an occupied territory of Ukraine.

November 17, 2016 human rights activists spoke about the international crimes of the occupants in the Crimea and referred to the Hague court.

In Brussels Afanasiev and Aliyev called on Europeans to draw attention to human rights violations and repression in Crimea 30.11.2016

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