In Britain was stabbed to death expert who investigated the murder of Litvinenko – media

In the UK, stabbed an expert on radiation Matthew Puncher, who investigated the death of Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko.

This is stated in an editorial, The Times reports «Open Russia».

It is noted that the Puncher was killed in his home. Despite the fact that the victim’s body revealed numerous stab wounds, in the opinion of the pathologist says that the Puncher was allegedly inflicted them himself.

Along with this, the text says, physicians do not exclude that the Puncher could have been killed.

The article says that five months before the death of the expert on radiation, he visited Russia.

According to the «VVS Russia», the Puncher got a contract with the U.S. government to study the effects of polonium on the body of people who were related to development of nuclear weapons in the USSR. In connection with this contract, the expert was able to visit in Russia.

The former employee of FSB of Russia Alexander Litvinenko, who collaborated with British intelligence services, died 23 November 2006. As examination established that he died from poisoning by a radioactive substance. According to police the UK, Litvinenko was poisoned tossed his tea with polonium on November 1 at a meeting with Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi.

As reported, on January 21, a judge of the High court of London, Robert Owen introduced the report, which States that Litvinenko’s murder was an operation of the Russian intelligence services, which, presumably, knew the head of the FSB Nikolai Patrushev and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kovtun and Lugovoy in the report referred to the direct executors of the murder.

In Britain was stabbed to death expert who investigated the murder of Litvinenko – media 25.11.2016

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