In Britain he set up a home 3D printer for drugs

The development of 3D printing technology may allow patients to create at home the medicines prescribed to them by prescription. At the conference of the Dubai Health Forum company FabRx from the UK, which is engaged in the development of this technology in the pharmaceutical sector, presented new development, reports RIA «Novosti».

«Our idea is to bring this technology to hospitals, clinics and at home. Patients will be able to «print» the correct dosage or combination of medications themselves. When used correctly, this method will be cheaper and faster for patients. Hospitals currently do not produce drugs, but that may change, and medical centers will be able to run its own production process,» said a company spokesman Alvaro Goyanes.

We are talking about the treatment of chronic diseases. Experts from the office of Dubai for health (Dubai Health Authority) are confident that they will be able soon to implement this technology in the homes of patients.

According to them, this will reduce the cost of expensive drugs, for example, cancer.

Pharmacists will have to determine the exact dosage for each preparation, which will be used to print batches of tablets. Billets will be sold to the hospitals, so they printed medication on their own equipment. This will reduce the risk of counterfeit drugs, according to developers.

These technologies have been tested on animals, but the creators need about two years to get approval from regulators.

3D printing of drugs at home will be closely monitored, and the access to the equipment used for printing, is possible by using special codes.

We will remind, in Ukraine the first factory 3D printing launched in 2016.

In Britain he set up a home 3D printer for drugs 11.01.2017

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