In Brazil bats-vampires have moved from birds to humans

South American bats, the vampires who had previously consumed the blood of birds began to attack people and drink their blood, what they were believed to zoologists before, fit was not. It is reported by RIA «Novosti» with reference to an article published in the journal Acta Chiropterologica.

Employee of the Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife (Brazil) Enrico Bernard said that this species of bat is not adapted to feeding on the blood of mammals.

«It seems that they adapt to changes in the environment and exploit new food resources,» the scientist said.

For the first time about the attacks of bats on people, said local residents who live in the surrounding national Park, Catimbau in the North-East of Brazil. In this region of Brazil is living one large kind of bat-vampires – legged vampires (Diphylla ecaudata), the weight of which is about 33 grams, and body length — 8 cm, Scientists have discovered some droppings of these bats traces of human DNA, which confirmed the rumors of Brazilians.

As scientists say, the population of wild birds in a national Park, Catimbau could be reduced so that the bats are now forced to look for food outside, attacking people, poultry and livestock. It is noted that bats can be carriers of the extremely dangerous and contagious diseases such as dengue or Ebola, which can now infect humans.

Previously in Brazil, there was a mass piranha attack on humans.

In Brazil bats-vampires have moved from birds to humans 13.01.2017

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