In Belgium obasute migrants to learn the language and respect the gay

In Belgium want to legally compel workers to work to socialization in the Belgian society, where the requirement is to study one of the three official languages of the country. This is referred to in the government proposals for the Royal decree on the conditions and the rules of arrival in Belgium, stay, and expulsion from the country of foreigners (from countries outside the EU), which are available to UKRINFORM.

This initiative was organized by the Ministry of internal Affairs and the state Secretary for migration in the framework of the fight against terrorism and radicalization.

In the document there is a speech that the new rules, which are expected in early summer to approve the Federal Parliament apply to all foreigners arriving to the territory of Belgium for a period longer than three months.

Among the main innovations is the requirement for all foreigners arriving for the first time in the country, to sign personal legal Declaration of commitment to respect the rights, responsibilities and freedoms of Belgium.

The main purpose of the initiative is the provision of cultural, professional and language socialization of the foreigners in Belgian society.

Are we talking about the obligations to respect freedom of opinion, Assembly, cultural freedoms, free choice of sexual orientation; respect for the equality of men and women; the obligation to educate and care for children, provide them with adequate education; a commitment not to use violence and to condemn acts of terrorism.

The requirement for knowledge of the language region of residence of the foreigner (French, Dutch or German) that should be checked periodically during the course of the socialization process of foreign nationals.

This socialization also taken into account in the decision-making process on the extension of temporary registration, that is, a permit for a temporary long-term residence of foreigners on the territory of the country.

Earlier the Swiss authorities obliged the migrants waiting to obtain refugee status, to pay for their stay in the country.

While in Finland for refugees has published a course of sexual rights.

In Belgium obasute migrants to learn the language and respect the gay 05.04.2016

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