In Belarus discovered oil field

Company Belorusneft announced the discovery on the territory of the Republic of Belarus of a new oil field. It was called Uralskoe. This was reported on the website of «Belorusneft».

According to preliminary estimates, the oil reserves at this field amount to 1,695 million tons. Accurate information about the inventory quantities will be known after the drilling of a second exploration well. In the «Belorusneft» noted that already obtained from the first well of about 39.5 tons of oil per day.

«Oil Uholka field refers to the category of hard-to-reach reserves. It is located at great depth and low permeability of the collector», — told in the company. It added that there has been «abnormally high reservoir pressure», and this is a positive factor for further development of the field. It was opened in December.

In Belarus, currently operates approximately 65 oil fields.

Earlier it became known that Belarus plans to engage in industrial extraction of amber.

In Belarus discovered oil field 03.01.2017

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