In Austria, the coalition government included the far-right party

Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen approved on December 16 the government coalition, which included the people’s party and the far-right freedom Party. This is the BBC.

The Prime Minister will be the leader of the winning parliamentary elections the people’s party Sebastian Kurz. 31-year-old politician will become the youngest man in the world who held such a position.

The coalition deal makes Austria the only country in Western Europe, where power is a far-right party that opposes the European Union and its immigration policy.

The program of the future government not yet announced, but the coalition assured van der Bell in his proes position and commitment to the European Convention on human rights.

In the elections of October 15, the people’s party won 31.5 percent of the vote. The social democratic party and 26.9%, freedom Party was supported by 26%.

The European Jewish Congress warned the E. Kurtz of an Alliance with the far right.

Negotiations about creation of the coalition was launched on 25 October. Even before the official start of coalition negotiations Kurtz was informed of the intention to negotiate with the freedom Party.

The far-right leader Heinz-Christian strache said that the freedom Party expects to obtain the post of Minister of internal Affairs.

«Russian service of the BBC» writes that strache and his party has repeatedly visited Russia, and annexed its Crimea. The presidential candidate of the political forces Norbert Hofer called the Peninsula a legitimate part of the Russian Federation. The party also calls for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

In Austria, the coalition government included the far-right party 17.12.2017

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