In Austria held presidential elections

According to the preliminary results of the presidential elections in Austria, held on Sunday, April 24, in the second round out Norbert Hofer, representing the Austrian freedom party.

It is the result of 36.7 per cent, according to DW.

«It is unclear who will compete with him in the second round. The fight for the second place are the former leader of the «green» Alexander van der Bellen independent candidate Irmgard Griss. Van der Bellen gained 19.7 percent, while Grass — 18,8″, — stated in the publication.

As noted, the second round of elections is scheduled for may 22.

Candidates from political parties represented in the ruling coalition — the Social democratic party of Austria and the Austrian conservative people’s party — for the first time in the postwar period have not passed the second round of voting.

For the post of President of Austria claimed six people. Incumbent President Heinz Fischer, 12 years in this position, had no right to run again.

In Austria the President is elected by popular vote for a term of 6 years and performs mainly representative functions. The Executive power is headed by the Federal Chancellor. At the same time, under the Constitution, the President is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and in some cases, may dissolve Parliament.

Note, the capital of Austria for the seventh consecutive year to recognize the best city in the world in terms of life. These data are provided by Mercer, which published a rating of the best living cities in the world.

In Austria held presidential elections 25.04.2016

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