In Australia, the Minister was fired for using travel for personal Affairs

In Australia, a government official was accused of using travel for personal purposes. Instead of being engaged in state Affairs, the Minister of health and sports , Susan Lee was spending a trip to a property search. After the fact non-targeted spending of budget funds was revealed, the Minister was forced to leave his post, writes

The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull on Friday, January 13, stated that it had accepted the resignation of Lee, reports the BBC Russian.

«Australians are entitled to expect that policy carefully spend taxpayers’ money and at any time to ensure that their operational costs are efficient, and public resources are used ethically,» said fellow citizens, the head of the Australian government.

The dismissal led several service trips, during which she is fulfilment of state duties are looking for a property on the fashionable resort gold coast in Queensland. So when it came to the public, scandal, and the Minister was forced to resign.

At the same time she claimed that, going on a trip in may 2015 has not planned in advance the acquisition of real estate at the resort. Eventually the official decided to make the transaction for investment purposes in the amount of 795 thousand Australian dollars (585 thousand US dollars). According to her, the purchase was made impulsively.

We also found out that Lee was spending taxpayers ‘ money on travel from Sydney to the resort gold coast in New year’s eve in 2013 and 2014.

In his resignation Lee said that he was trying meticulously to follow the rules and ethical standards. However your post she decided to leave since the scandal hit the government and caused annoyance in the community.

In recent years Australia has experienced several cases like the story of the Lee. Therefore, the country’s Prime Minister amid the scandal, decided to establish an independent body to monitor the spending of parliamentarians.

«He will observe and adjudicate all allegations of deputies, senators and Ministers, ensuring that taxpayer funds are spent appropriately and in accordance with the rules» — quoted by the Australian broadcasting Corporation ABC statement Turnbull.

Last year the Minister for corrections Australian state of Victoria, Steve Herbert , came under heavy criticism after it was revealed that he was carrying on an office car of their dogs. As a result, the opposition demanded the resignation of the official, but the intruder merely an apology.

In Australia, the Minister was fired for using travel for personal Affairs 13.01.2017

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