In Australia pass parliamentary elections. Brexit can help conservatives

Australia has opened polling stations for voting at the next Federal election, which must be formed a new government. About it writes BBC Russian. .

Experts predict that the ruling conservative coalition is likely to retain power in their hands, although it may lose a few seats in Parliament. However, labour leader bill shorten insists that is not still solved.

The main topics of the campaign were the issues of economy, healthcare, immigration and same-sex marriage.

Monitoring the media, the results of the vote in Britain on the issue of withdrawal from the EU played into the hands of the present Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The Australians probably did not dare to radically change the power in the face of possible economic problems related to Brexit.

Moreover, in the recent premiere in Australia for a long time in his chair is not delayed if the labour party did manage to win the election, bill shorten will be the sixth Prime Minister of the country for the past six years.

Turnbull promises Australians a tax cut for salaried workers and small business, shorten in turn, first promised to legalize gay marriage.

However, the surprise can give smaller parties. «Green», while having ten senators and one member of the lower house of Parliament, expects to win more seats at the expense of the relevance of the key points of their political agenda: problems of the fight against global climate change and the solution to the refugee situation.

Analysts also predict a return to politics Pauline Hanson, the founder of a far right party «One nation», known for its radical anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Note, the leader of the political force that will win, will automatically become Prime Minister and form a new government.

In Australia pass parliamentary elections. Brexit can help conservatives 02.07.2016

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