In army will call about 10-12 thousand in the case of the seventh wave of mobilization – Poltorak

In army will call about 10-12 thousand people, if the government announced a seventh wave of mobilization. About it in Kharkov, said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, reports UNIAN.

In the national guard, said the bad gene pool and low level of physical training of conscripts and contract servicemen

«We have now dismissed 45 thousand personnel. Even if there is a need to mobilize, this figure may be 10-12 thousand, i.e., significantly less than it was before,» — said Poltorak.

He stressed that after improving the financial situation of the military the number of people willing to serve under contract has increased significantly.

«If we had scored in the month of 200-300 contractors, it was only this month when we received the first (high) cash collateral, enlisted in the army 9 thousand people. 7 thousand people we called already. That is, if the pace we will go, then of course we will minimize the number of personnel which would be necessary to call for the mobilization. I hope to mobilize are mostly for personal reasons, volunteers. Such a big deal,» said the Minister.

Poltorak also noted that the mobilization will depend on the situation on the contact line.

«There will be mobilization, mobilization will not be – it all depends on what the situation will be. The steps that have been taken by the President, the government, the Verkhovna Rada on providing military pay cash, we now get much more, give us optimism that, over time, we generally give up on the mobilization, of course, if not of active hostilities», — he said.

Poltorak added that the Ministry is working on amendments to the law on the service because it is «a lot» of issues that hinder quickly jump to the new standards.

«But in case of open aggression and large-scale hostilities all countries of the world have always resorted to mobilize. From this one can not refuse. Because one army contract, only at the expense of the contractors, we protect the country may not be able. But it will be only when there will be a sharp aggravation of the situation», — said the Minister.

Poltorak added that the demobilization would be carried out according to plan – in March-April.

As reported, in January the General staff of the Armed forces stated that due to demobilization of military personnel of the fourth wave there was a need to Supplement the APU. Demobilization of the military, who has completed the performance of their duties, is planned in late March — April of the current year.

According to the Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak, the General staff makes the calculations and examining the need for the announcement of the next wave of mobilization.

On 8 February, the chief of staff of the armed forces of Ukraine Viktor muzhenko stated that the need for the next wave of mobilization will depend on the number of military that will be accepted on military service under the contract.

Earlier, President Petro Poroshenko said that you cannot go to a contract army during the war. And the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk called on MPs not to speculate on the subject of a contract army, as a decision on its implementation is the exclusive competence of the President of Ukraine and the government of Ukraine.

We will remind, in November the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak has approved a plan for the transition of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to NATO standards.

In army will call about 10-12 thousand in the case of the seventh wave of mobilization – Poltorak 27.02.2016

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