In Argentina earthquake

The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4 occurred on Sunday, November 20, in the Western part of Argentina to the North-East of the capital of Chile, Santiago. It is reported by the USGS.

The epicenter lies at a depth of 115 km in 25 km from the town of San Juan. There is a serious fracture, but the greater depth of the push has reduced its destructive force.

Along the Western border of Argentina stretch of the Andes — the largest mountain range in the Western hemisphere. The greatest height they reach in the area of the earthquake. Here are the highest peaks in South America: Aconcagua (6962 m), Tupungato, Mercedario.

In 1944, a devastating earthquake destroyed almost all of San Juan, took 10 of thousands of lives. Following a strong earthquake occurred in 1977, however, thanks to new constructions of buildings, rebuilt after 1944, the damage had been minimized.

In Argentina earthquake 21.11.2016

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