In Afghanistan a suicide bomber attacks military bus: three dead, dozens wounded

Terrorist attack in the Northern province of Balkh, Afghanistan has claimed the lives of at least three Afghan military. According to AP, a suicide bomber exploded together with the car, which drove for several dozen soldiers.

The incident occurred near a military base. Marching on foot, the terrorist detonated an explosive device near the van. The explosion injured 18 people, said the representative of the Governor of Balkh province. According to other sources, 20 people were injured, reports «Interfax».

The Taliban spokesman Mujahid by Zabiullah has claimed responsibility for the attack, as reported by the media via e-mail. The recent attack, the Taliban have intensified, particularly regarding the Afghan security forces, writes

So, on 1 February in the capital near the Parliament building explosion. Killed at least 10 people, injuring 20 people.

Also in Kabul on 20 January at the building, located opposite the Russian Embassy, a suicide bomber caused the blast. The incident occurred near the Palace Dar-ul-Aman, where in addition to the Russian diplomatic mission is the country’s Parliament. At least seven people were killed and more than 20 were injured in the attack.

In early January, near the international airport of Kabul thundered explosion. 1 January in Kabul was blown up the car near the restaurant, where the rest politicians and diplomats. At the end of December last year, a suicide bomber blew himself up on a road near Kabul airport.

Attacks were made against the background of attempts to resume negotiations with the Taliban, which were suspended in July 2015.

In Afghanistan a suicide bomber attacks military bus: three dead, dozens wounded 08.02.2016

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