In a series of explosions in the Syrian cities of Tartous and jableh, killing more than 100 people

In a series of explosions on Monday, may 23, in the Syrian city of Jableh, in the province of Latakia and Tartus (administrative center of the governorate of Tartus) on the Mediterranean coast, killing more than 100 people, reports Reuters. Most of the dead were civilians, writes

This information on Monday of RIA «news» have confirmed to police Syria.

«According to our data, the result of seven explosions killed more than 100 people. Many seriously injured are in hospitals and Gable of Tartus,» — told in law enforcement bodies.

Earlier it was reported that the number of dead civilians in Jabl exceeded 70 people, and in Tartus killed 30 civilians. More than 100 people were hospitalized with injuries. According to the London-based Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights (SOHR), have killed at least 53 people in Jabl and a further 48 people were killed in Tartus.

The militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» has claimed responsibility for seven bombings in Syria, reports Reuters. According to the militants, their targets were alawites living in these cities. Initially it was reported that responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the Pro-Turkish radical group «Ahrar al-sham».

According to press reports, in five cases, itself undermined the suicide bombers. In addition, exploded two car bombs.

It is noted that in recent weeks, the fighting intensified in other parts of Syria on the background of attempts of world powers to maintain the cease-fire.

Syrian state media reported that a car bomb exploded in Tartus, two suicide bombers attacked a petrol station in the city. In Jabl one of the four explosions occurred near the hospital.

Terrorists from the extremist group «Dzhebhat EN-nusra» fired several rockets at residential areas Jable, located near Latakia, in 340 kilometers from Damascus, according to TASS. Rockets exploded at the bus station in the quarter, khay-El-IMAR. Another explosion occurred when the ambulances started to evacuate the wounded: a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to a local hospital, «al-Asaad».

We will remind, in Tartus is the only outside the former Soviet Union the Russian point of logistics of the Russian Navy, which can be served by Russian warships in the Mediterranean sea.

The agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria in force since February, but recently the truce has been threatened, especially in the area of Aleppo where in the last two weeks in clashes killed nearly 300 people.

The UN has warned that if the truce is broken, it would be «a disaster». According to the organization, more than 400 thousand people will be forced to go to the border with Turkey in search of asylum.

5 may Russia and the United States agreed on the distribution of the ceasefire in the province of Aleppo. It happened after numerous reports of shelling of civilian objects in Aleppo, including mosques and hospitals.

The city of Aleppo and the province divided into two parts: the West is under the control of government forces, and the East under the control of the opposition and the extremists of the «Front EN-Nusra».

The observance of the cessation of hostilities in Syria, following two Russian at the military base of the Russian Federation «Hamim» and the American in Amman (Jordan). In these centres received information on violations of the cessation of hostilities. Daily Bulletin of the Russian Minoborony was published in the night of Friday, may 6th. In accordance with him, in Aleppo during the day, was recorded the most violations of the truce.

In a series of explosions in the Syrian cities of Tartous and jableh, killing more than 100 people 23.05.2016

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