In 2017 the volume of main agricultural crops exceeded the needs of the domestic market – Maxim Martyniuk

The harvest of major crops is expected this year with a surplus, said the first Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Maxim Martyniuk on September 27 at the Cabinet meeting, which was broadcast the government’s YouTube channel.

According to Martynyuk, Ukraine in 2017, the expected gross grain harvest in volume from 61 to 63 million tons. This will ensure that the needs of the domestic market, the formation of a reserve for export and food security of the state, said the Deputy Minister.

The harvest of early grain crops – rye, barley and wheat – by volume is the second in the history of independent Ukraine, he said.

Unfavorable weather conditions affected agriculture in different regions of Ukraine is uneven, some regions managed to harvest record crops, e.g., barley – 34,3 t/ha, rye – 28,3 t/ha and rape – 27.6 t/ha, said Martyniuk.

«The prevalence of food classes of wheat up to 60% in the structure of production will allow to obtain more flour, not only for themselves but also for export. Ukraine for the first time in the last 10 years, has no shortage of rye, where she this season is fully guaranteed,» – said the Deputy Minister.

Due to the overproduction of food crops there is no reason for the growth in consumer prices, said Martyniuk and led a comparison of the expected production and domestic consumption of the products:

  • flour production is 2.2 million tonnes, domestic consumption of 1.8 million tonnes;
  • production of buckwheat – 185 thousand tons, domestic consumption of 150 thousand tons;
  • oil production – 6 million tons domestic consumption of 400 thousand tons.

Comparing the expected grain harvest and consumption, he announced as follows:

  • wheat – 25.7 million tons with domestic consumption of 9.6 million tons;
  • rye – 490 thousand tons, which equals domestic consumption;
  • barley – 8.2 mln tonnes, which is almost twice the domestic consumption of 3.9 million tonnes.

The Deputy Minister stressed the additional impact on the stability of consumer prices, farmers who mainly work in the domestic food market and reduce the pressure of external prices. Also Martyniuk reminded that the draft state budget for 2018 reserved 1 billion in support and development of farms.

In 2017 the volume of main agricultural crops exceeded the needs of the domestic market – Maxim Martyniuk 28.09.2017

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