In 2017, the Donetsk region police arrested 31 militants

Police Donetsk region with the beginning of 2017, announced the 35 suspected militants arrested 31 wanted – 4 members of illegal armed groups.

As reported in the Department of communication of the police of the Donetsk region, to identify the militants who are trying to get to Ukraine-controlled territory, helps efficient mechanism of check of documents of citizens on the bases of the MIA on posts, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

SBU detained the woman-the sniper in the Donetsk militants on the line of demarcation

So, according to the police, KPVV, «Food» while crossing the line of demarcation was detained the participant of a band «the Cossack Union «the don Cossacks».

«He was trying to get to Mariupol in order to issue a passport for myself and wife to go on a trip. But instead fell to the investigator, and in the future waiting for him till 8 years of imprisonment», — is told in the message.

Besides, as have informed in police, last week, police gathered evidence of illegal activities 6 participants of illegal armed formations ranging in age from 22 to 59 years. Among them are residents of Donetsk, Estuary, Druzhkovka, Slavyansk, Novoluganskogo.

«Like most of the «warriors» of the pseudo-republics, they quickly realized that they are used and came out of the IAF. Each of them traveled to Russia in search of a better life, but not caught. All declared suspicion, they soon appear before the court», — is told in the message.

SBU detained the woman-the sniper in the Donetsk militants on the line of demarcation

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine detained in the area of antiterrorist operations on the boundary line of a sniper in Donetsk militants.

«Police detained a woman on the demarcation line when she tried to get on Ukrainian-controlled territory to re-issue documents. Intelligence officers determined that she was a sniper platoon of the quick reaction and radio telegraphist internal troops of the so-called «MIA DNR», — reports a press-the SBU center.

According to the detainee, over four months have passed special training on the territory of Russia in the village near the city of Taganrog in the Rostov region of Russia. Instructors of the camp of the militants had previously served in the special forces of the Russian Federation.

Open criminal proceedings under article 258-3 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization, leadership in such group or organization or participation in it). Proceed urgent quickly-investigative actions.

Earlier in Kurakhovo the police detained the fighter of the battalion «Diesel». It is established that in January 2015, a resident of Kurakhovo went to the occupied Donetsk. In the military units of the fighters he was offered free accommodation, position of the driver and the wages of 15 thousand rubles a month.

In 2017, the Donetsk region police arrested 31 militants 11.02.2017

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