In 2015 defense spending were increased in 1,5 times, — the report of the Cabinet

In 2015 spending on defense and security, compared with 2014 increased by 1.5 times (32.1 bn) and, according to operative data, actually amounted to $ 95.8 bn. This is stated in the report of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published on the Government portal.

The government said on social protection of ATO participants

According to the report, for the Armed Forces was purchased and delivered 4 714 units of new and modernized samples of armament and military equipment, 401 500 rounds of ammunition of various calibres, as well as 14 982 sets of keys to means of cryptographic protection of information.

«This is a modernized aircraft and helicopters, equipment for aircraft and helicopters, unmanned aircraft systems, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles, specialized armored vehicles, trucks, armored artillery boats, artillery guns, portable anti-tank missile systems and guided missiles to them, small arms for various purposes, radar, engineering of weapons, counterbattery stations, electronic warfare, radio-technical means, means of geodetic and navigation support, devices of radio communication systems, night vision tools, thermal imaging and aiming optical means, demining, etc.», — stated in the message.

In General, after the state tests for 2015 was adopted at the armament of the Armed Forces 18 new models of weapons and military equipment, repaired more than 34 thousand units of weapons and equipment.

«The purpose of reforming the system of logistics initiated seven projects in the areas of procurement, management of public enterprises, clothing and food, of military power, as well as providing them with housing. Implemented e-procurement system helped to speed up bidding procedures and save significant public funds», — stressed in the government.

Do not forget about the norms of military power, which, according to officials, were brought to European, and system storage software — close to the standards of countries-members of NATO. Were also introduced new standards of medical care.

«In 2015, the troops received about 98,6 thousand 99.6 thousand flak jackets and Kevlar helmets, 336,4 thousand sets of summer field suits, 310 thousand pairs of shoes with high bertsami, 216,7 thousand insulated jackets, the 122.7 thousand suits protection from water, 100.7 thousand sleeping bags. Established the treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded in hospitals of the health Ministry and abroad. More than 6 thousand participants of anti-terrorist operation programme of medical-psychological and social rehabilitation», — stated in the government report.

The government said on social protection of ATO participants

The government claims measures in the field of social security of servicemen and members of ATU.

«For 2015 funds from the defense Ministry to the families of the ATO participants allocated 186 apartments, 94 the families of the deceased soldiers – members of anti-terrorist operation. Local authorities 1191 allocated land for individual housing construction for employees of internal Affairs bodies and the police who participated in the antiterrorist operation», — stated in the message.

In addition, the report notes that «we achieved the establishment of a proper system of social protection of participants of anti-terrorist operation».

«Throughout 2015 simplified procedure for granting the status of combatants (status received 156 082 persons); resolved the issue regarding the granting of this status to participants of the volunteer battalions, which were disabled, and the families of volunteers; provide necessary assistance to all the victims of the ATO participants who need prosthetics: prosthetics organized by 160 participants of the ATO, including 11 abroad the products of the increased functionality», — stated in the report.

In addition, increased financial assistance for prosthetics abroad from 500 to 900 sizes of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons, and the decision of the expert Committee the Ministry of social policy – up to 1 800 times the subsistence minimum.

It is also noted that the government has provided housing for 48 participants of the ATO who have lost the functionality of the lower limbs and 642 families of dead servicemen who took part in the ATO.

Recall that in 2016 the current expenditures of the defense budget was a record for Ukraine. Overall on the defense sector are provided to 113.6 billion, or 5% of GDP.

In 2015 defense spending were increased in 1,5 times, — the report of the Cabinet 02.02.2016

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