Immortal: the Law «On education» does not restricts the rights of ethnic minorities, and expands them, giving them access to the civil service

Adopted in Ukraine, the law «On education» does not contradict the European Charter of regional languages and does not violate the rights of national minorities. About this in comments to the edition «GORDON» said Roman Bezsmertny.

«It is believed that in Ukraine adopted the law «On education» contradicts the European Charter of regional languages. This is not so. The Charter speaks of the need to save endangered languages. But this work must not harm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States, to provoke conflicts between languages, and must develop the state language. The law «On education» says that living in the country the poles, Hungarians, Moldovans, Romanians, Russians, Greeks have the right to be equal with Ukrainian citizens and have access to, say, public administration. So they must know the state language. No they are not prohibited to learn their native language. The law really doesn’t narrow their rights, and expands» – said the source.

He noted that many schools in the settlements of the Western part of the country the schools do not teach the Ukrainian language.

«It’s no secret that in the Western regions of Ukraine (Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian region) there are settlements where people do not understand neither Russian nor Ukrainian, I only know their national language. There first year at school children are generally not taught the Ukrainian language. Turns out they are on the territory of Ukraine nekonkurentno. They will never become public servants. It is a violation of the rights of the citizen the possibility to exercise their constitutional rights in the state where he was born,» said the immortal.

In his view, neighboring States are too emotionally reacted to the initiative of the Ukrainian government, because they do not understand the situation.

«Those who raised the cry – Romanians, poles, Hungarians – should understand that today Ukraine has the right to complain about them because it prepares them for the workforce. There is a European document, which allows the country to lay claim to the state where the left prepared her shots. I don’t want to raise the issue of the framework laws on education in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and do not affect the results these countries passports to Ukrainians with dual citizenship. Ukraine correctly reacted to such actions of the parties. In this case, it is necessary to show the correctness of our neighbors who do not understand the situation (including the fault of the Ukrainian side) showed excessive emotional reaction», – said the politician.

He recalled that Ukraine is at war with Russia, and that Western partners should be taken into account.

«Everyone needs to calm down, and our diplomatic missions to conduct outreach, the authorities – to work with ethnic communities. I think, now have the opportunity to understand each other. The Ukrainian side is doing everything possible to citizens of all ethnic groups had equal opportunities and were competitive. Hungarians, Romanians, poles in the country live better. It’s Ukrainians fighting. And we must understand that today the Ukrainians are defending all of Europe», – summed up immortal.

On 5 September the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the second reading the law «On education», and on 25 September it was signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The document introduces 12-year school education and the educational office of the Ombudsman, as well as expanding the use of the Ukrainian language in education.

As explained by the Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych, preschool and primary education will be acquired in the native language. While a large emphasis will be placed on mastering the state language. Then, starting from a basic level, the education will be carried out in the Ukrainian language.

The Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal urged the President to veto the law. In his opinion, the initiative does not correspond to the European Charter for regional or minority languages.

Concern about the language of the article in the law has raised a number of countries: Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, and Bulgaria and Greece. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis stated that he had decided not to visit Ukraine in October because of a new Ukrainian law «About education». The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that the visit of the President of Romania in Kiev not canceled and postponed.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin noted that Ukraine maintains the conditions for learning minority languages. According to him, knowledge of the state language is a matter of national security.

Immortal: the Law «On education» does not restricts the rights of ethnic minorities, and expands them, giving them access to the civil service 26.09.2017

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