Immortal: progress in the negotiation process with militants there

The representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group in Minsk Roman Bezsmertny said that the militants systematically do not fulfill the conditions «of the Minsk agreements», so progress in the negotiation process. He told about it in interview to the edition «Apostrophe».

On implementation of the agreements «of the Minsk agreements,» the Immortal noted the following:

«Unfortunately, there is no debate. Because we are not at the zero mark, and below it. To ground zero I call the component on security and the release of the hostages. Now these conditions are not met, which means that we are below the waterline» — said the Immortal.

«Hence the productivity of various processes is zero. Let’s reach the zero mark! Then you will have something to say. Is the basics of this process. He will not move, if we’re below the waterline», he added.

According to the Immortal, the format of the Trilateral contact group — OSCE, Russia and Ukraine.

«If Kyiv and Moscow find it necessary to listen to the proposal of the representative of the individual districts of the Donetsk region or of certain districts of Luhansk region, they give the word. But they are not participants of the Trilateral contact group. Despite the fact that during the conversation, we’re going to dialogue with them, it is not provided the format of the negotiation process. That is, negotiations are underway between Ukraine and Russia,» he said.

According to R. Bezsmertny, the representatives of the ORDO/ORLO ruled by fear.

«There is such feeling as fear. Today it is fear that guides them. Unfortunately, there is no medication or political platform that would help to overcome this feeling. Because some of these people have committed crimes that are beyond the scope of possible paragraphs and paragraphs of Amnesty. Therefore, their destiny is clear and obvious,» he says.

Previously Immortal advocated the strengthening of the legal framework of the Minsk process.

Immortal: progress in the negotiation process with militants there 22.02.2016

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