Immortal of the dead in Syria mercenaries PMC «Wagner»: They simply surrendered, exchanged for someone

Mercenaries PMC «Wagner», who was killed in Syria, «simply handed over», said the former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Roman Bezsmertny in an interview with «Apostrophe».

«When President Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON») first told that the Russian troops out of Syria, I said that this is not the last «exit». And this is not the last operation to be conducted against «atamatov». In this case they just passed. Perhaps, on the part of the list, perhaps on the part of legal entities from the «Kremlin report» of the US, but they were exchanged for someone. Because what happened, from the point of view of tactical assessment of the situation suggests that the advance was clearly indicated where to place the column and in which direction it will move» – he said.

The immortal suggested that this question could be discussed a few weeks ago during the visit to Washington of a delegation of leaders of the Russian special services. In his opinion, the American party assured that the Russians are not there and never will be, «so then played the game that this unknown person».

«And it only shows once again that the old Imperial Soviet and Russian tradition called «women give birth» certainly falls into the philosophy of what happened,» – said the immortal.

8 February 2018 has become aware of a coalition air strike in Syria that killed about 100 soldiers of the army of the allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

CBS sources in the Pentagon reported that Syria were killed by «Russian mercenaries». Research group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) believes that we are talking about the PMCs soldiers «Wagner», which operates in the mineral deposits in the Euphrates river valley.

The former «defense Minister» of the terrorist organization «DNR» Igor Girkin (Shooters) stated that reports of casualties in Syria are continuously changing in the direction of increase.

«At the moment it is clear that the dead and wounded – real hundreds. A few hundred. The rest of the discordance. But the latest figures («not final», as reported) looks «beyond». Allegedly for a whopping 600 (644, to be precise – and this is only the dead)», – he stressed.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said of the Russian army group asserted that Russian citizens not on the scene of the collision.

«As you know, we work hard not to jeopardize Russian citizens», – said the Minister.

Russia denied the presence of its citizens on the beachhead in Syria, which attacked coalition aircraft, and then asked the silence to collect their dead and wounded, the newspaper The Washington Post.

On 15 February, the Russian foreign Ministry said that the armed clashes in Syria killed five people, presumed to be Russian citizens.

Immortal of the dead in Syria mercenaries PMC «Wagner»: They simply surrendered, exchanged for someone 25.02.2018

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