Immortal: Kazakhstan and Belarus can begin to unfold the «Donbass scenario»

In Belarus and Kazakhstan may begin deployment of the events in «Donbass scenario» — the creation of «people’s republics». About this on air of the talk show «Right to rule» said the former representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group immortal novel.

In particular, according to the immortal, in the North of Kazakhstan has actually started the process of creating a «North-Kazakhstan Republic» after the President called for the Kremlin.

«The situation has worsened in the two Eastern regions of Belarus and it is close to a breakdown» he said, noting also the deterioration of the situation in Syria and the intensification of arms shipments from Russia to the occupied territories of Donbass.

Consequently, the immortal believes that the release of Nadiya Savchenko is a link in the chain, from the point of view of «the Kremlin strategists» in the matter of discrediting the Ukrainian authorities and the President.

We will note, earlier immortal said that Russia has used the procedure to return Savchenko against President Poroshenko, to discredit him. In particular, we are talking about the constant postponement of dates for the release of Ukrainian prisoners. «The Russian side has made this procedure program, as it was, why changing these dates — it was to discredit one person — the President of Ukraine», — he explained.

Immortal: Kazakhstan and Belarus can begin to unfold the «Donbass scenario» 27.05.2016

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