Immortal flies to Minsk for your account: do not have a relationship with the President

The representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite group in Minsk Roman Bezsmertny believes that the conflict in the Donbas kindled personally by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, and he will support corruption as long as long as she stays alive and will remain in power. The immortal said in the «Left coast» Sonya Koshkina.

According to him, both Ukraine and Europe, and the rest of the world must change approaches to the solution of this conflict because the situation remains very serious.

«When one table in the war in Syria was Washington with Moscow, the tragedy of the situation has further deteriorated since the meeting lasts for 90 minutes, where mainly talking about Syria and only 5 minutes left to Ukraine,» said Roman Bezsmertny.

However, the diplomat stressed that the talks should continue, because such is the world practice.

«I want to remind — at the time, and with other dictators would sit at the negotiating table. Because the civilized world lives by the rules that you can convince that there are some arguments», — said the diplomat.

He also spoke about his relationship with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

«I, as a participant of the Minsk process, not out of honest and Frank conversation with either the President, nor the Ukrainian authorities,» — said the immortal.

«I really don’t like my conversations with the President in the implementation of tasks in the Minsk process. I understand that the lack of conversation would satisfy both, because you have to work with a large number of people, with many to negotiate, and, probably, in these conversations neither he nor I do not receive pleasure. It does bother me. Very,» said the immortal.

According to him, from within the process of international negotiations is somewhat different than is commonly addressed in the media.

«Ukraine — like the delegation, which is located in Minsk, lives in the mode of volunteering,» said the immortal, answering the question of whether it was true that he travels to Minsk for their money.

Immortal was previously stated that as of 1 January 2016 has begun «the process of the Minsk-3». At the same time Russia, according to him, is interested in the war unleashed by them in the Donbass, never ended.

Immortal flies to Minsk for your account: do not have a relationship with the President 03.02.2016

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