Immigrants pay 30 billion a year. Scammers will be deprived of the trough, but a total re-registration will not be

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine intends to stop fictitious payments 350 thousand internally displaced persons, said the Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

«At the moment the Department of social policy forwarded the documents to 350 thousand people to suspend payments», — said the Minister at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday 25 February, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Hrytsak spoke about the 24 industries on payments to immigrants — «dead souls»

Rozenko informed that currently registered in the country, 1 million 700 thousand temporary migrants, every month they receive payments in the amount of UAH 30 bn. However, work is underway to identify people who issue bogus certificates without being displaced.

«We cancel the reference, and these immigrants come for the new, now in the Dnipropetrovsk region 100 of the cancelled certificates for new come only 10%,» — said the Minister.

As stated Rozenko, the Ministry of social policy will conduct a total re-registration of displaced persons due to the identification of fraudulent schemes with payments, informs UNIAN.

«Collaborating with the SBU did not start today… we had a few options to solve problems. In particular there was an option to carry out a full re-registration of temporarily displaced persons. But today it is registered more than 1 million 700 thousand people, and you know, whatever it was a huge burden on these people, psychologically, to carry out re-registration procedure. So we refused and we refuse from procedure of total re-registration of internally displaced persons. This will not be», — said Rozenko.

According to him, the Ministry of social policy and the SBU decided to start analytical work.

«Thus, through analytical work and the lists of people representatives, including the SBU, which are transferred to local authorities in respect of which there may be some doubts that need to undertake further work to identify the causes of possible violations of the current legislation», — said the Minister.

As stated Rozenko, talking about the fact that immigrants take away or cancel payments, have under themselves no bases.

«On the basis of decisions of relevant bodies of the security service of Ukraine, State migration service, Netpolice — can be temporarily suspended some payments to internally displaced persons…. IDPs not to be afraid of. Scared of honest people? It is necessary to be afraid of fraudsters, should be afraid of criminals, afraid of should be the officials who organized corruption schemes surrounding this issue», — said the Minister.

Last year, stopped payment of pensions to about 22 thousand displaced persons in connection with their deaths, said the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko at a briefing on Thursday 25 February.

«Today, we pay only monthly pensions amounting to approximately 2 billion USD to the displaced people. Overall annual amount of social payments, pension payments, social allowances, various payments is about 30 billion USD for internally displaced persons», — said the Minister.

According to him, in 2015, stopped payment of pensions to about 22 thousand dead persons.

«If you take the demographic situation, previous level of mortality in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions such suspension, such deaths should be at least 70-80 thousand, and we have only 20. That means at least 60 thousand people, which we do not have information about the death in Ukraine who are not registered, but these funds are to be paid… thus funds from the state budget continue to clean up,» — said Rozenko

He also stressed that the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine will strengthen protection programmes for displaced persons after the blocking of such fraudulent schemes.

As reported, the head of Ukrainian government Arseniy Yatsenyuk said last month the government stopped payments to 150 thousand so called «immigrants».

«We have found that built a scheme where fraudsters get the documents of citizens who do not reside on the controlled territory of Ukraine, go to the social security authorities and under the pretext alleged of the fact that such citizens are registered as temporary migrants, receive hundreds of millions of hryvnias from the state budget», — said the Prime Minister. Yatsenyuk stressed that the one who really needs social silatech, — will get them. He who steals from the budget, will be punished and such payments will be stopped.

Hrytsak spoke about the 24 industries on payments to immigrants — «dead souls»

The security service of Ukraine received information groundless receipt of budget funds allocated for social benefits to internally displaced persons.

This was announced by the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak during a briefing on Thursday 25 February.

«On the SBU tasked to monitor the expenditure of budgetary funds, because today, when we are at war with the aggressor, every penny should be on the account. I want first to say that nothing threatens decent people who moved from Donbas and receive payments guaranteed by the state. But I note that after looking closely to how this mechanism operates, we have identified the facts, when huge sums are appropriated by the scammers, using, say, the original data is simple pensioners,» he said.

Hrytsak said that were carried out by the regional audit together with the local departments of the SBU.

He said that in most cases, the social payments were carried out by persons without the presence of internally displaced persons, also shaped by the people who reside on the temporarily occupied territories, the dead and the missing.

Overall, he said, according to the facts filed today 24 production.

«Washed out huge amounts of money from the Ukrainian budget, I am confident that these funds can effectively be used by the Ministry of social policy to create jobs», — said Hrytsak.

In turn, the Minister of social policy Pavlo Rozenko added that these facts have recently acquired a mass character.

Immigrants pay 30 billion a year. Scammers will be deprived of the trough, but a total re-registration will not be 25.02.2016

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