Illarionov: We have received confirmation that the murder of Nemtsov is one of the most important operations of this power

The sentence of a former Chechen fighter of the battalion of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation «North» Zaur Dadaev, which the court has given 20 years of strict regime for the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is illegal. This was stated by Russian economist and political analyst, former Advisor of Russian President Andrey Illarionov in the air Sotnik.TV.

«To be precise, is unjust. Because this court has not been proven that persons who were in the dock, really involved in the murder of Nemtsov,» he said.

The analyst noted that a significant part of the Russian public took up a position coinciding with the position of power.

«According to this position, the defendants were perpetrators of the murder, but masterminds and organizers failed to find. They are in the international wanted list. In fact, all who followed the progress of the investigation and the trial, became convinced that the unknown, or rather, not announced, not only the organizer and the customer of murder, but not detained the direct executor of the murder,» he said.

Illarionov noted that all the investigation materials say about the innocence of Dadaeva to murder.

«We can definitely say that Zaur Dadaev did not shoot Nemtsov. There are lots of evidence proving it… At the time of the murder, Dadaev was 20 km away from the murder scene, on the street Fan, 3. His confession was obtained as a result of the staging of interrogation, carried out after three days of continuous torture, which was proven by human rights defenders,» – said the analyst.

In his opinion, the investigation and the court failed to produce evidence of guilt Dadaeva, creating a simulation of an investigation and trial to hide the real organizers and perpetrators of the murder.

«We understand, who could organize such large-scale operation. We received confirmation that the murder and all that accompanies it is murder are one of the special, the most important operations that carried this government,» – said Illarionov.

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly admitted that the murder of Nemtsov was politically motivated.

«For Putin there is no doubt that this is a political murder committed for political activities against Putin. This is the most important witness, at least a witness who, though not being in the courtroom, however, gave most important testimony – and was killed by the Germans, who could be the customer and the organizer of this crime», – said Illarionov.


Illarionov: We have received confirmation that the murder of Nemtsov is one of the most important operations of this power 14.07.2017

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