Illarionov: the actions of Gontareva Jaresko and should call crimes against the people of Ukraine

A former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin on economic issues Andrei Illarionov considers the actions of the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko and the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva crimes. He stated this in the broadcast program author founder of the Internet edition «GORDON» Dmytro Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine».

«People like Ms. Jaresko and Mrs…. I want to draw attention primarily to these two figures, because their actions caused the greatest economic damage to Ukraine. From an economic point of view, these actions should be called crimes. Due to the artificial devaluation, which was carried out by the national Bank, the destruction of foreign exchange reserves, increasing public debt, the elimination of half of Ukraine’s banking sector, the nationalization of the largest commercial private Bank and the adoption of a state’s obligations in the amount of 5% of GDP. Each of these events can be regarded as a crime against society, the economy and the people of Ukraine», – said Illarionov.

According to him, the same can be said about the actions of the other.

«Did she empty the place is absolutely artificially held default of Ukraine, although it was not. Politically correctly call it a restructuring, in fact it was the default in 2015, Ukraine has been cut off from external financing sources, and payments on the debt, as we now see, has not diminished. And total public debt has increased and is now transcendent – he is beyond the safe existence of the Ukrainian state», – said the former adviser to Putin.

He noted that such actions have led to «economic disaster».

«That attempt, which was carried out with the left, the populist administration of Obama (44th US President Barack Obama. – «GORDON»), were based on those distorted, unhealthy views on economic policy, which they are partially implemented in the USA, and then tried to use in Ukraine. The result is economic catastrophe,» – said Illarionov.

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Jaresko headed the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine from December 2014 to April 2016.

10 APR 2017 Gontareva has officially declared the resignation on may 10. At the moment it is in holiday. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko still has not signed her statement.

Illarionov: the actions of Gontareva Jaresko and should call crimes against the people of Ukraine 20.12.2017

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