If the need arises, it is necessary to remove Assad by force, the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia

In case of failure of peaceful settlement of the Syrian problem, the Syrian President , Bashar al-Assad must be deposed by force. This was stated by the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubayr.

«We will do everything we can to advance the political process. But if it doesn’t work, it’ll happen because of the persistence of the Syrian regime and its allies,» said al-Jubayr in an interview with CNN.

«And if it be confirmed, it will become clear that will have no choice but to remove Assad by force,» — said the Minister.

He said that Saudi Arabia is not going to conduct a military ground operation in Syria alone.

«I can say that there is a serious discussion of issues relating to ground operations in Syria, because there should be the possibility of taking and holding positions on the ground, which cannot be done with air,» said al-Jubayr.

«We say that we will participate in the framework of the US-led coalition, if the coalition decides to send troops to Syria, and that we are willing to send in these SWAT forces», — said the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia.

«From my point of view, no country, including Saudi Arabia, alone can not play a sufficient role,» he said.

Recall that in combating the Islamic state the current leadership of the USA uses a mixed tactics, inclusive ( powerful strikes and the participation of special forces, trainers, and logistical support to the enemies of the Islamic state from among the moderate Syrian opposition and the Kurds, but essentially avoids large-scale ground operations against its military contingent similar to the intervention in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The administration of Obama and he personally always emphasize the effectiveness of this approach, condemning ourselves to a crushing criticism from the most radical supporters of the Republican party and a debate with representatives of the us military-industrial complex, including the operational military commanders (the Minister of defence Ashton Carter, the commander of the air force Deborah Lee James).

If the need arises, it is necessary to remove Assad by force, the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia 14.02.2016

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