If Firtash will return to Ukraine, he gets arrested, sure Gerashchenko

Businessman Dmitry Firtash in the event of his return to Ukraine would be arrested. This was stated by MP from the faction «people’s front», member of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on air of the program «Shuster Live» on Friday night.

«No Firtash in Ukraine will not come, you will see it. Because if he gets here, he will be arrested,» he said.

«Let’s wait for December 1 and I have this issue also, we will see,» — said Gerashchenko.

In turn, MP from the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Sergei Leshchenko said that in Ukraine no one has opened a criminal investigation on Firtash, because, he said, there are certain unspoken agreement.

«The Ministry of internal Affairs Mr. Avakov very loudly all over the country declared that in the case of Ostchem (group of companies, which coordinated the work of 6 enterprises of nitric chemistry Group DF owned by Firtash) has to Firtash issues are seizure, searches, starts investigation of criminal cases. But on the eve of the arrival of Firtash appears that by Firtash have no questions. On the channel «inter» Mr Yatsenyuk has already shown live, his meetings with international officials, etc. One of the managers Firtash appointed Deputy Minister of justice. And we are seeing a quiet backroom collusion between the team and the current Prime Minister Mr. Firtash», — explained his point of view.

«But that’s not all – Mr Firtash has a special relationship with the President, which were concluded during the meeting in Vienna,» added Leshchenko.

He also expressed the opinion that between the ruling, Firtash and people’s deputies from «Oppositional block» Yury Boyko and Sergey Levochkin there is a «non-aggression Pact».

On 26 November, the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko reported that the interior Ministry no criminal proceedings in which businessman Dmitry Firtash held as a suspect, but there is a case for a group of companies Ostchem, in which he was summoned for questioning as a witness.

Expected next week Firtash will return to Ukraine after one year of stay in Austria. 2 December, he will participate in the Congress headed by the Federation of employers of Ukraine (FEU).

The Chairman of the Council of group DF, Chapter FRU Firtash was arrested in Austria on 12 March 2014 at the request of U.S. authorities, who suspected him of corruption acts, in particular, of bribing Indian officials to obtain permits for the development of titanium deposits in India. Land court of Vienna for criminal matters elected the measure of restraint in the form of the extradition arrest, but agreed to release him on bail of 125 million euros and the obligation not to leave the borders of Austria. 30 April 2015, the same court rejected the request of the US Department of justice on the extradition of Firtash to the United States.

Note that bail for Firtash made his General acquaintance with the brothers by the Rotenberg, the President of the Russian judo Federation Vasily Anisimov. The entrepreneur never concealed their close relations with the nearest environment of Putin, and some of its representatives, having on the West the reputation of odious figures, calls his «good friends».

In October, the lawyers of the businessman and the Prosecutor’s office of Austria received the decision of the Land court of Vienna, allowing him to return to Ukraine.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov at the end of may reported that the interior Ministry sent Firtash with the summons for questioning and to conduct investigations in connection with criminal proceedings on the fact of corruption schemes of the group of companies Ostchem and the plundering of state property.

November 10 Avakov emphasized that this is not one, but two criminal proceedings: payment default at the company Ostchem gas amounts to 5.7 billion hryvnias in favor of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» and about «legendary 11 billion cubic meters of gas».

If Firtash will return to Ukraine, he gets arrested, sure Gerashchenko 28.11.2015

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