Hybrid war enforces new, more chaotic world order – Gorbulin

The Director of the National Institute for strategic studies, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) and the adviser of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Volodymyr Horbulin is convinced that the global hybrid war destroys the old and creates a new, less stable world order.

«It really is a new global confrontation, which, on the one hand, destroys the current world order, and with another — instead, it forms a new, less stable and more chaotic. The international system based on equitable rules and mutual respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, on the values of human rights, democracy, all this has given a new motion vector in the direction of chaos, dominated by the strong law,» said said during the presentation of the collective monograph «the Global hybrid war: Ukrainian front» in Kiev, on Tuesday, February 7, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

Academician noted that, for many, the term «Global hybrid war» is extremely controversial and the question is really whether it is justified to speak of a world of hybrid warfare.

«In our opinion — Yes, it’s more than justified, despite the fact that for us, the key issue is the confrontation of Russian aggression, but do not notice the world of hybrid warfare is like that of an elephant in a China shop,» said said.

He also defined hybrid war as a new form of global conflict in the contemporary security environment, and the hybrid nature of aggression applies to all new areas.

According to «UKRINFORM», the participants of the presentation of the monograph: Roman Immortal — Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus; Sergey Pyrozhkov , doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Vice-President of NAS of Ukraine; Igor Romanchenko — D. viysk.N., Professor, Lieutenant-General, head of the Central research Institute of Armed Forces of Ukraine; George Tooke — Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

On the monograph «the Global hybrid war: Ukrainian front»: for the first time in domestic and world science studied the phenomenon of the world of hybrid warfare in the future, Russian aggression against Ukraine. The essence of the hybrid war is considered in the context of systemic crisis of global security, and its phenomenon as a new kind of global confrontation. Discussed in detail the reasons of Russian aggression against Ukraine, its strategic goals, as well as features of hybrid war in different dimensions: military, political, economic, social, humanitarian, and informational.

Analyzed local successes of our state in countering enemy plans of the Russian Federation in certain areas. The General conclusion bringing Ukraine is its consistency as a state defending its sovereignty in the fight against the aggressor.

Considers the issues of reforming international security institutions and the search for balance in a new, hybrid reality.

We will remind that earlier, on December 7, 2015, in the framework of the presentation of the monograph «the Donbass and the Crimea: the price for return» prepared by the scientists of the National Institute for strategic studies Volodymyr Horbulin said that there are three basic scenarios return of the occupied territories in the Donbas: Croatian, Moldavian and German.

Hybrid war enforces new, more chaotic world order – Gorbulin 07.02.2017

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