Hungarian-Ukrainian scandal, Sushchenko allowed meeting with his family. Most importantly for the day

The flag of Hungary in Beregovo

The Hungarian foreign Ministry demanded that Ukraine’s reaction to the incident, which occurred on November 12, in Beregovo, Transcarpathian region, where nationalists broke with the city hall of the Hungarian flag.

Crimea in The New York Times

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine intends to appeal to the American newspaper The New York Times in connection with the publication of a map depicting Russia annexed the Crimea as a disputed territory.

Explosives in Kiev

Detained in Kiev on November 12 men in the trunk of the car which were 6.5 kg of explosives and 10 detonators, declared suspicion of illegal purchase and possession of firearms. The police said that the suspects came from the Transcarpathian region.

It is known that while they were in a tent camp, which was broken by protesters at the Verkhovna Rada, but they are kicked out.

Onishchenko Spain

Fugitive MP Oleksandr Onishchenko said that the court in Spain denied his arrest and extradition to Ukraine.

Walker and marmots in Belgrade

The Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and special representative, U.S. Department of State in Ukraine Kurt Volker met in the Serbian capital. On the results of negotiations information at the time of writing the digest was not. According to the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov, the talks were to become the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbas.

RT in the list of registered as foreign agents

The Russian propaganda TV channel Russia Today has fulfilled the requirement of the US authorities to make its American branch in the list of foreign agents.

Sushchenko in «Lefortovo»

Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, held in the Moscow jail «Lefortovo» on charge in espionage, November 20, will be able to meet with his wife and daughter, said his lawyer mark Feigin.

Earthquake in Asia

The victims of the earthquake, which occurred near the Iran-Iraq border, were at least 402 people, nearly 7,000 injured and injuries.

Hungarian-Ukrainian scandal, Sushchenko allowed meeting with his family. Most importantly for the day 14.11.2017

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