Hundreds of residents of Aleppo are fleeing from war

In the night of Sunday, more than 400 people fled from the rebel-held Eastern Aleppo into territory that is under the control of the Syrian regime.

Such data is the London-based Syrian monitoring centre for human rights reported today, November 27, DW .

At the same time, according to the Center, hundreds of people fled deeper into rebel controlled Eastern part of the city territory, which captured troops of the Syrian regime.

The day before, government troops have moved deep into rebel-controlled Eastern Aleppo. The forces of President Bashar al-Assad captured the Hanano district in the North of the besieged Eastern part of the city.

Syrian Observatory for human rights confirmed this information, noting that under such conditions, the government troops will be easier to capture and the other controlled by the rebels territory.

During the night on Sunday, November 27, in Eastern Aleppo, fighting continued between rebels and regime forces.

Blocked by government troops in the Eastern part of the city now estimated that there are more than 250 thousand people in conditions of shortage of water, food and medical care.

Earlier today it was reported that in the North of Syria, ISIL terrorists used chemical weapons.

Hundreds of residents of Aleppo are fleeing from war 27.11.2016

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