Hundred-day bike ride through Europe Ukrainians convert the world’s attention in real help victims in the ATO zone

The ATO participants and athletes from Ukraine, which take part in the bike ride through Europe, arrived in Belgium.

As reported in Brussels by the organizer of the charity bike ride «the Ukrainians in Europe», member of the ATO Konstantin Samchuk, the aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the problem of rehabilitation of the victims of the war in the Donbass and the popularization of Ukraine, informs UNIAN.

The race participants must overcome in 100 days 10 thousand kilometers.

The team that kicked off may 15 in Lviv, have already traveled Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and now Belgium.

«We made at the limit of human possibilities this event in order to then this attention to convert into real support to the families of the victims, the wounded, the displaced. We collect funds to help those affected. We have a list of their patronage, we will help in specific situation,» said Samchuk.

According to participants of the bike ride, the day they pass 130-150 km, sometimes up to 200, meet with the Ukrainian Diaspora, activists, local communities.

Athlete Alexander Coprinus, in turn, said that as of today has not managed to collect so much money.

«These 10 thousand kilometers that we want to do in 100 days, we dedicate all Ukrainians. We personally thank the volunteers who helped here in Europe. It is the Ukrainian Diaspora, it is the Europeans who helped financially and during the Maidan, and during the war. If not for their help, really the front line could be much further to the West than it is now. So we hope that … the resonance from our bike ride every day will increase and we will accomplish the goal – to collect 100 thousand euros for 100 days,» he said.

«Want to see Europe, European countries which have advanced medicine, which have specialists in the field of military rehabilitation involved in this process and helped us, taught our volunteers, physicians, how to do it right, because in Ukraine it is a big problem,» said Coprinus.

In turn, Semchuk added that another goal of the bike ride is to promote Ukraine, as not many Europeans know about our country».

«Not to mention the recent developments: they don’t even know where she is», — said the participants of the ATO.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the EU, Ambassador to Belgium, Nikolai tochitskii during a speech at the meeting of participants of the bike ride with the Ukrainian Diaspora in Belgium expressed the belief that such events «should be the flagship of activities of the society as such».

«I say this not just because also have a brother who was a volunteer and came back. You know all these problems not from books. This is an important act from the point of view of attracting public attention in each country: even if we one of the Belgian or the Dutchman will convince, it is already a lot,» he said.

The cyclists plan to continue to drive in Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal and then along the Mediterranean coast back to Ukraine through Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, to finish in the Independence Day of Ukraine in Odessa.

We will remind, in April, the Ukrainians on the bike overcame the 65 kilometers between the Hague and Amsterdam to showcase the Dutch Europeanness of Ukraine, and urged to support the referendum on April 6, the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. However, the result of the referendum was not in our favor.

Hundred-day bike ride through Europe Ukrainians convert the world’s attention in real help victims in the ATO zone 08.06.2016

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