Human rights activists suggest the Ukrainians to postpone the trip to the Crimea

Given the broad interpretation of the concept of terrorism and extremism in the Russian legislation, after the statements about the alleged FSB prevented the terrorist act on the territory of the annexed Peninsula, Ukrainians should refrain from trips to the Crimea. This was the head of the Crimean human rights group Olga Skripnik said «Crimea.Realities».

«We would advise people who are going to go to the Crimea, if there is such a need for it, think and maybe not to travel,» said human rights activist.

According to her, in the Crimea will be «tightened controls and introduced repressive measures.

«We can expect that they will gain control, verification measures including on administrative border with the Crimea, can be introduced additional restrictive measures. Reaction that may follow this statement is not clear, but that would apply different measures that can lead to arbitrary interrogations, searches and criminal prosecution is quite possible to expect», explained Skripnik.

She also noted that it is not clear the true purpose of the statements of the Russian FSB.

«It is possible that there trying to hide his own misdeeds and his own crime», — said the head of the Crimean human rights group.

Recall, 10 August the Russian Federal security service issued a statement about the alleged two attempts of the Ukrainian military to attack the Crimea and to stage terrorist attacks, during which killed a soldier of the FSB, whose name was not called.

It is worth emphasizing that there are no photos and the video evidence told the FSB it is expected not presented. However, as during the beginning of the Russian campaign of occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula in 2014.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian authorities that they «go to the terror.»

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called fantasies accusations against the Ukrainian military in the preparation of terrorist acts in the Crimea.

Ukrainian General staff believes that the statements of Russian provocation, and NSDC Secretary Alexander Turchinov — «a new stage of hybrid war».

Human rights activists suggest the Ukrainians to postpone the trip to the Crimea 11.08.2016

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