Human rights activist Borys Zakharov: the practice of kidnapping, disguised as a «forced return»

During the deportation from Ukraine of citizens of Georgia were violated by the procedure prescribed in «the guidelines on forced return and forced expulsion from Ukraine of foreigners and persons without citizenship». This was stated in Facebook the head of the law center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights Boris Zakharov.

«And the statement itself is not consistent with the law, international agreements of Ukraine and the Constitution and should be immediately changed. Support cannot be forced, otherwise the violation of the right to liberty and security of person, fair trial and so forth,» – he wrote.

According to human rights, «one may say that everything was within the law, but what is the point to say black is white.»

«Was violated, at least, article 29 of the Constitution of Ukraine (everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. – «GORDON»), article 5 of the European Convention on human rights (right to liberty and security of person. – «GORDON»), as well as the actions of law enforcement had signs of the crime provided by article 146 «Unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping» (I think part 3 of the SBU, GMS, SBS (security Service of Ukraine, State migration service, State border service. – «GORDON») and the National guard are not an organized group?)», – said Zakharov.

He noted that «it is absolutely similar crimes» were committed against Aminat Babayeva 12 September 2016 and Vladimir Yegorov July 5, 2017.

«So we have the practice of kidnapping, disguised as a «forced return», – says human rights activist.

In his opinion, «the decision is clearly taken upstairs and has a political motive».

Zakharov also drew attention to «the laws of morality and code of honor.»

«I’m such a shame for their country had not experienced since the time of Yanukovych (ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. – «GORDON»). Georgian volunteers side by side with our saved the country in the first months of the war of independence, risked their lives, their friends died. And so to treat them?! It’s just a shame,» he said.

Thus the human rights activist stressed that is not a supporter of the leader of the «Movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili, whose acquaintances had been deported.

«I think most of his actions are harmful and marginal. Besides, I do not like to disperse «zradu», although constantly faced with human rights violations, but it’s basically the vestiges of the Soviet system of practices, or «effect,» he wrote.

Human rights activist Borys Zakharov: the practice of kidnapping, disguised as a «forced return» 20.11.2017

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