Hostikoev: Sat down at the table Chernovetsky to tell: «Mene zvut Hostcom, I pretyy in Teatr imeni Ivana Franka». Suddenly he sharply turned his head: «Marka Vovchka?»

People’s artist of Ukraine Anatoly Hostikoev said that the former mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky could not pronounce his name, and drivers and guards in the Kyiv city Council did not believe that he was a Deputy. He stated in the author’s program of Dmitry Gordon on the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

The actor said that he went to the city Council the first number from the «Batkivshchyna» and still keeps the identity of, and after winning the elections, the staff Council could not «identify» him as the MP because of his car «Niva».

«The deputies normal what car? Lexus, Toyota, Maybach or something. And I have a «field». And that’s when I’m in the yard on this «Field» came by, I shouted, «watch Where you’re going?» Ivan Saliy once heard: «are You a member!» – «Yes, what MP? Where the MP is where the Niva?» Were not similar at all,» he said.

Hostikoev said that Chernovetsky it is also not learned at the meeting.

«I went to him, breaking whatever ways, for trainer: we have in Kiev is a great athlete, a judo coach, a generation brought up, his students became Olympic medalists, European Champions, world… a Very decent man, a great teacher, my son went to him. Name calling will not he against. In short, I learned that from coach that no awards or titles from the state. The documents said, was served, but every time lost. Thought: I find these documents and take them straight to the mayor», – he said.

According to the actor, he found a folder with documents and went to Chernovetsky.

«Missed protection, healthy guys standing there… I went into the office, and Leonid Mikhailovich standing at the window, with a bandaged hand for some reason, the jacket on the shoulders and threw thoughtfully looks into the distance. Well, Chapaev!.. I went, then, he said, «Hello! Come, sit down. I’m listening.» A positive kind of energy, I sat at the table, began to tell: «Mene zvut Anatoly Hostcom, I pretyy in Teatr imeni Ivana Franka». And suddenly he abruptly turned his head: «Marka Vovchka?» I thought I misheard, I repeated: «Ivana Franca».

Chernovetsky said: «the theatre Director?» «No, I went to Russian, I’m an artiste, an artist working.» He Said: «Well. So what’s the matter?» – «The fact that in Kiev there is a well-known coach, his students win awards for Ukraine, I would like to help…» He listened, and suddenly: «wait a Second. Who are you?» «I the actor of Theatre of a name of Ivan Franco…» And he again: «Marka Vovchka?» The second time it repeats, but with this tone like I was wrong!» – told Hostikoev.

According to the actor, he explained to Chernivtsi, where is the Ivan Franko Theatre.

«The second time he asks: «the Director of the theater?» Again I answer: «No artist». He said: «I don’t understand!» Sat down opposite me: «What do you want?» I again about her, about the fact that there is such a coach, you can do it, a lot of times submitted documents, help…

Chernovetsky listened and said, «you came to me?» And then I realize I made a mistake: he doesn’t know all the deputies, I wrong started. Tell him: «I’m the Deputy.» He Said: «The Deputy?» «Yes.» – «What’s the name?» – «Hostikoev». The mayor already was frightened: «What?!» Thinking: how I have the MP, but still Hostikoev…

Asks again: «So what do you want?» And I’m on the thumb: «There is such a coach, he coached boys, they are the world Champions in judo…» Chernovetsky: «wait a Second! And he could my guys to train in Boxing?» I said, «Maybe I could, but he’s a judoka…» – «what do you want?» And the tenth time I start to explain…

«Wait, – he interrupted, – you the Deputy?» «Yes.» – «What faction?» – «BYT». His eyes widened: «YTB?!» And then he told me everything: what he thinks about YTB who, in his opinion, Yulia Tymoshenko, who I personally… But you know what question he was interested in the most? «God be with him, with your boxer as you had the audacity to come here?» – told Hostikoev.

The actor added that in the end, the coach still got the title, but he doesn’t know so.

«And this mysterious connection between Marko Vovchok, Ivan Franko, and still excites me, I remember», – he concluded.

Hostikoev: Even if Yanukovych called me by some people: «If you don’t fucking shut your fucking mouth, you are going to deal with azarovsky Janissaries». Read the full interview

Chernovetsky was the mayor of Kiev from 2006 to 2012. Now living abroad.

14 July 2017 Chernovetsky is reported about suspicion in Commission of the criminal offense under part 2 St. 364 (abuse of power or official position) the Criminal code. According to the GPU, Chernovetsky was suspected of involvement in the illegal construction of a helipad on Park road in Kiev. Ex-mayor accused of understating of the rent for the land and as a consequence – the destruction of the archaeological heritage than the territorial community of the city caused damage worth more than UAH 250 million.

The Chief Prosecutor’s office of Georgia stated that he had not received a request of the GPU on the arrest and extradition of Chernivtsi, but even if such a request is received, then Georgia wouldn’t have given the former mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, as he has Georgian citizenship.

Hostikoev: Sat down at the table Chernovetsky to tell: «Mene zvut Hostcom, I pretyy in Teatr imeni Ivana Franka». Suddenly he sharply turned his head: «Marka Vovchka?» 25.09.2017

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