Holodnitsky told about the interrogation Onishchenko has complained that the oligarchs have ceased to go to meetings

The Deputy group of the «will of the people» Alexander Onishchenko did not provide the investigators any evidence of bribery of MPs during the video interrogation of 22 December.

In an interview with «Ukrainian truth» said the head of the specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky.

«He (Onishchenko — ed.) he called on Skype, then endured, then he sat down, then something else. Contacted us and virtually said nothing. At present, no evidence for no production. There’s just «blah-blah-blah», – he said.

To a question, said whether the Deputy’s some new data Holodnitsky said:

«It is, in fact, was his statement, just not on national TV. Where’s the proof? «And you’ll come give you one.» What kind of question is that? Only conversations».

«There is no information to whom he gave money, vote for what, when, where, what Bank, whether the cash – well, nothing. «And I paid, and I don’t remember» – here are the answers. Our task is to approach this objectively, but it looks something like this… It again just talk, and that was it,» explained the Prosecutor.

Holodnitsky also says that the oligarchs do not go to his meeting.

«For the full year of oligarchs is the only one who was here is Kolomoisky. Once among the crowd I saw the Victor Pinchuk Foundation at a reception at the British Embassy, but we haven’t met,» says Holodnitsky.

About the only meeting with Kolomoisky the head of SAP says the following:

«It was good Friday before Easter. We are on the third floor in the auditorium along with Sitnic (Director NABOO Artem Sytnik — ed.) meeting was held.

«Then Artem went to work, I go to myself, there’s a lot of protection on all floors. Look in the waiting room with his lawyer sitting Kolomoisky. He says – «I came to you». Ask: «Why?». Says: «to Meet, socialize». It is clear that it will not expel».

«Was invited to the office, asked him, «Coffee will you drink?» – refused. It just did not expect. We then 45 minutes talking about 2014 the year of the revolution, his activities in the Dnipro, no were not talking. I understand that it was some kind of study visit, everyone is looking for some approaches. About the work and things we didn’t say the mysteries in this meeting was not» – said the Holodnitsky.

He stresses that any «zrada» in this meeting was not:

«A month and a half, after that visit the matter Antoniuk we went to trial, and this directly affects its interests, because it priblizheny people in Kolomoisky».

Holodnitsky assures all who come in to his office it is not a mystery:

«Let the journalists come, sit down in the lobby and watch who comes and when. This is the easiest way to track».

According to the head of SAP, after a visit on good Friday Kolomoisky no longer tried to meet.

«Never called, never came, there was no longer any contact,» said Holodnitsky.

As reported, in early December announced a national search and outside of Ukraine, people’s Deputy Onishchenko accused the administration of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in «buying» votes in Parliament and through him, and several other deputies.

According to media reports, during the year, Onishchenko was recording his conversation with Poroshenko on manual watch with voice recorder. The Deputy reported that she delivered the incriminating evidence to us intelligence agencies on November 29.

The head of the main investigation Department of the security Service of Ukraine Grigory ostafiychuk announced the beginning of a pretrial investigation in respect of declared a national red alert for Deputy Onishchenko on the grounds of high treason.

December 6, the NEB stated that the checks set out in the foreign press data, people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko («the will of the people») regarding the bribery of parliamentarians, but does not make the information in ERDR.

The Internet-the edition «the Country. UA» has published the first audio recording, provided, as stated Onishchenko. The record is represented as talking of people’s deputies Onishchenko and Oles Dovgy, the leader of the faction «people’s Will». During the conversation the sides discussed some schemes that allow how to understand, solve problems in relationships Onishchenko and Ukrainian authorities.

Dovgy has confirmed the fact of meeting with Onishchenko in Genoa and in London and stated that at these meetings recommended Onishchenko and his family to cooperate with the investigation and to compensate the caused budget losses.

December 22 NABOO partially questioned Onishchenko videoconference.

Holodnitsky told about the interrogation Onishchenko has complained that the oligarchs have ceased to go to meetings 12.01.2017

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