Holodnitsky the NABOO and NACP really have problems, which became public

In the relations of the National anti-corruption Bureau and National Agency for prevention of corruption problems. This was stated by the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky in the comment to the edition «Censor.NO.»

«Unfortunately, in relations of a single anti-corruption structure – NABOO and NACP – really have problems that have become public,» said Holodnitsky.

He believes that the reason for events like unauthorized actions of the NABOO.

«First, check NACP in relation to the management of NABOO is a legitimate procedure, which is carried out in the framework of its powers as the only authority which is empowered to carry out checks concerning conflicts of interest of public servants. The plot on the purchase of Parking spaces family, Korczak was released in may, as criminal proceedings NABOO started only in October, after the NACP for the first time sent a request for information and start checking. The grounds of the offense there is still a need to define, nothing visual, no,» said Holodnitsky.

He is convinced that the beginning of production against Korczak, «as a response to her legitimate activities» is «obvious» conflict of interest.

«And that’s why the decision was made to conduct investigative and legal proceedings with the obligatory participation of the Prosecutor SAP and coordination of all investigative actions with the procedural head. And I forbade any legal proceedings that are not coordinated with the Prosecutor. But, unfortunately, the leadership of the NAB. has violated the requirement of the procedural head on the case, instead sending the infamous email that to them the lawful instructions of the Prosecutor are «insignificant, therefore will not run». Unless it can run the anti-corruption Bureau?» – said the head of SAP.

He added that the agenda of the mother-in-law Korczak could send in the mail.

«By law, the summons may be sent by mail, within three days. Why need this, when compared with the billions in theft, small case detective NABOO to personally work as a postman? Does he have the time for distribution of agendas instead of a postman? Perhaps this is its task of combating corruption? Or one of the leaders asked me to come and carry out thereby the pressure on the head of the NACP?» said Holodnitsky.

The Cabinet of Ministers established the NACP in March 2015. Korczak led the Department in March 2016.

In may, journalists of the program «Nashi Groshi s Denis Bhusa» reported that found in parkomesta Korczak in the capital’s new business class new car Skoda Octavia A7, which is not indicated in the Declaration.

10 Nov NABOO questioned the head of Korczak in the case of the purchase of Parking spaces and their use in undeclared cars.

The evening of 10 November, the mother-in-law Korczak was closed in the apartment of detective NABOO. Korczak said that the detective took explanations from her mother-in-law illegally.

On 11 November the head of the NACP wrote that a detective at the entrance «quickly waved a document like ID card,» but her mother did not have time to make out what is written there. She added that the mother of her husband has addressed in police with the statement about abuse of power by a law enforcement officer and unlawful entry into a dwelling.

Holodnitsky the NABOO and NACP really have problems, which became public 11.11.2017

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