Holodnitsky expects the NEB definition of the measure Stations

The Deputy Prosecutor General, head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky expects detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau definition of a measure of restraint for the Chairman of the Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky for submission to the court. On this day, December 15, he told journalists, UNIAN reports.

Speaking about the prospects of the case against Okhendovsky, he recalled that there is a signed and suspicion, «even if there is 100% certainty in the evidence base, it is still the case goes to court.»

«This is the first case where the result finally collected the evidence that we wanted… And if he did not come, I give complete freedom of action as the detectives on the investigation. I’m still waiting for them of the petition for election of a measure of restraint, which they will define and you will see that it is appropriate, because as of now it is not,» said Holodnitsky.

He also said that the investigation and detectives under the procedural guidance prosecutors must collect evidence and refer the case to the court.
According to him, other than to refer the case to the court, he does not see.

Answering specifying question, what would happen if stations will not continue to appear for questioning, the head of SAP said that «then is a reason, then it will search, then will be the appropriate action, prescribed in the Criminal procedure code».

Recall, may 30, NABU launched an investigation according to former first Deputy Chairman of SBU Victor Trepak. He said that was transferred to the NEB documents that prove illegal payments by the Party of regions cash worth nearly $ 2 billion to a number of former and current senior officials, including the CEC head ohendovsky.

December 13 Stations, it was reported about suspicion of taking bribes.

Holodnitsky expects the NEB definition of the measure Stations 15.12.2016

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