Holodnitsky: an investigation into Manafort no progress, need more proof

Have Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office has no grounds for declaring suspicions to other persons on the episode of illegal cash payments from shady cash «Party of regions», the American political strategist manufactu the Floor.

This was announced by the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky in an interview with «Mirror of week».

According to him, over the past three months investigating the episode illegally obtaining Manufactor of funds from the «Party of regions» has not progressed, and the identity of the man who painted «the barn book» PR for the receipt of money allegedly for Manafort, the experts could not be established.

«All the signatures are more or less similar. But who would sign — is unknown, there is just a signature. It’s just a stroke of unknown person. Today the grounds for a Declaration of suspicion, the more Manufactu, no,» said Holodnitsky.

Head of SAP drew attention to the fact that the signatures of Manafort in the documents of «black accounting» PR no.

«Please note that there is, in the «barn book», only name is Manafort. And there is no his signature. Tomorrow you can see the same scans, only Valentina Samar (journalist of the «Mirror of the week» — ed) on three million dollars. May well this be? Or Golodnitsky, or Sytnik. Very profitable right now to do such scans», — he stressed.

At the same time, the head of SAP said that the investigation of the so-called «black accounting» of the Party of regions demands additional evidence.

«By itself, «black accounting» can not be evidence. It should be the starting element, which in the aggregate data confirms that those who received money was illicit enrichment, said Holodnitsky. — It is necessary to efficiently conduct the investigation, collect the whole set of evidence. Then the sets of words and letters will become suspicious. When this is done, then the suspicion will certainly be signed, awarded, and the case will go to court.»

Holodnitsky recalled that SAP does business that can’t «take years».

«Our category of cases — this is not the case when we announce the suspicion, and then the investigation stretched on for years, as once was the GPU or other organs. Our category of cases, such that if there is a suspicion — there is nowhere to retreat. Suspicion means that in fact 90% of the cases already investigated,» said Holodnitsky.

NABOO may 30 launched an investigation according to former first Deputy Chairman of SBU Victor Trepak, which gave the Bureau the documents confirming illegal payment by the Party of regions cash worth nearly $ 2 billion to former and current officials. Procedural management in the case of «black accounting» of the Party of regions carries out Holodnitsky.

Investigators NABU has received additional evidence of implementation of illegal payments from the «black funds» of «Party of regions» the Floor of Manafort, who has previously worked with Ukrainian ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, and later was engaged in the election campaign of newly elected US President Donald trump.

May 31, the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko published data showing the allocation of the «Party of regions» of large sums on the activities of the party «Our Ukraine» and the Communist party, as well as the work of the Central election Commission in 2012.

The documents also was an American lobbyist and political consultant by Paul Manafort, who was forced to withdraw from the election headquarters of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump because of the scandal with the «black accounting».
The NEB confirmed the presence of the name of Manafort among the lists of «black accounting» of PR according to which it received 12.7 million dollars. Now this case is under investigation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a secret meeting with Yanukovych in connection with the disclosure of information about getting Monforton nearly 13 million dollars of «black cash» «Party of regions».

Holodnitsky: an investigation into Manafort no progress, need more proof 19.11.2016

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