Hollande has promised the UN to do everything possible for peace in Ukraine

French President Francois Hollande at the UN once again promised to do everything possible, together with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel for peace in Ukraine.

He said this during a speech Tuesday at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, reports «UKRINFORM».

«France together with Germany in the «Normandy format» trying to do everything possible for Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements and the establishment of peace,» — said Hollande.

He expressed the hope that shortly all parties will be able to advance on the path of peaceful settlement, and added that relies on the meeting of the highest level with the participation of leaders «channel four».

Hollande noted that France and Germany are working on negotiations in the Normandy format in the coming weeks.

«The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel took the initiative to organize a meeting with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine (Vladimir Putinand Petro Poroshenko – ed) in the coming weeks, to give effect to the Minsk agreement», – said Hollande.

The President stressed that the failure of the Minsk agreement threatens to exacerbate the conflict in Ukraine or even to the resumption of war.

It should be noted that the «Ukrainian theme» in the speech of the French leader was only fourth in a row. The priority for France, Hollande has called the implementation of the decisions of the Paris climate conference in the fight against warming and energy supply to Africa, the settlement of the conflict in Syria and a peaceful settlement in the middle East. Separately, the French leader highlighted the need to combat terrorism.

As reported, on the eve of the non-state American Appeal of conscience Foundation in new York presented President Francois Hollande the award for «statesman of the year».

Earlier it was reported that the meeting of heads of state «Norman Quartet» — the presidents of Ukraine, France, Russia and Chancellor of Germany could take place in Berlin.

Hollande has promised the UN to do everything possible for peace in Ukraine 21.09.2016

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