Hollande has filed for approval increased government

French Prime Minister Valls, Manuel submitted for approval to the President new Cabinet of 38 Ministers and secretaries of state (a position equivalent to a Ministerial) against 32 in the previous year.

The new French government will be maintained gender balance; 19 men and 19 women, according to «UKRINFORM».

«The composition of the new government, which just announced Prime Minister Manuel Valls, has 38 Ministers and secretaries of state against 32 in the previous government,» reads the statement, which is duplicated on the page of the Elysee Palace on Twitter.

The government will be 19 men and 19 women and 18 Ministers and 20 secretaries of state.

The new Minister of foreign Affairs of France declared the former Prime Minister, the predecessor of Manuela Waltz — Jean-Marc Ayrault.

It is expected that its final decision on personnel shifts in the government of French President françois Hollande will announce in the evening. His performance will broadcast the public and private channels TF-1 and France 2.

«The President will speak today at 21:00 Kyiv time with a speech in which intend to explain the shifts in the government», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Personnel changes in the Cabinet of France had been planned for several months. However, the policies of the government of socialists will not change: it will continue to be headed by current Prime Minister Manuel Valls, whose party has been criticized for errors in the field of economy and security.

According to sociological polls, the rating of Francois Hollande continues to decline after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. Nearly three-quarters of French people do not want to see him as a candidate for President.

We will remind, in the spring of 2012 in France to the Cabinet of Ministers included, not counting the Premier, 34: 17 men and 17 women.

Hollande has filed for approval increased government 12.02.2016

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