Hollande creates the national guard of France, Corsica nationalists have warned of «ISIS»

French President Francois Hollande on Thursday, July 28 2016, said that France will set up a national guard, which would assist law enforcement in combating the terrorist threat.

Corsican nationalists warned against «ISIS»

The national guard will be created on the basis of the existing operating reserve,» said in its communiqué of the Elysee Palace. It is expected that the guards will commence duties at the beginning of autumn, reports RFI.

Hollande said that the purpose of the reservists «not to substitute for law enforcement, but to help them, to strengthen them.»

After the attack in nice on 14 July, Hollande announced the mobilization of reserve army, police and gendarmerie to ensure security in the country. The President also urged the French to join the reservists.

The interior Minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve said that after the call of the President for about two and a half thousands of French have expressed a desire to join the ranks of the «reservists».

It is expected that by the end of July operating reserve police and gendarmerie will be about 15 thousand people. They will have to provide security at various public events this summer. He also announced the decision to involve law enforcement up to 10 thousand gendarmes retired. The defense Ministry in turn must mobilize 28 thousand people from the operational reserve.

On the morning of Tuesday, 26 July 2016, the two men took hostages in a Church in the city of Saint-étienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen. 84-year-old priest Jacques Hamel was killed and another five who were at this time in the Church was seriously injured.

The attackers dismantled BRI, the French forces of the interior Ministry.

In the latest issue of the French version of its propaganda magazine, the terrorist group «ISIL» called to attack the Christian Church: «Always attack the most visited places, such as tourist attractions, shopping centers, synagogues, churches, Masonic Lodge, offices of political parties, places of prayers of apostates from the faith.»

Corsican nationalists warned against «ISIS»

Corsican nationalists for the first time responded to a series of terrorist attacks in France, the responsibility for which was assumed by group «ISIS». In a statement issued on July 28, they call on Muslims living in Corsica, «joint resistance to the Islamist fanatics» and argue that any attempt of attack on the Corsican territory will entail the most severe response. The statement is published on the website of the newspaper Corse Matin.

We are talking about a small group that split from the main movement of the Corsican nationalists, FLNC, National liberation front of Corsica (NVOC), group NFOC the 22nd of October. Nationalists, who in the past resorted to terrorist acts in may announced that the folded arms.

In addition, the communiqué contains a warning to the French government that if Corsica would happen something similar to what happened in mainland France, most of the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the government, because, according to the authors of the text, the government knows about the existence in Corsica of representatives of the Salafi movement, which, according to the text, there are 8 people.

«It is obvious that the Salafis want to conduct our politics DAYS, and we are ready. Your medieval philosophy does not frighten us» — say the authors of the message.

The authors of the message also appeal an appeal to the Muslim community of Corsica to help eradicate radical Islam on the island. Nationalists welcomed the actions of the imams of the Corsican region of Balagne and the city of Bastia, which did not allow Salafi preachers on their territory.

A group of Corsican nationalists also claims that she managed to prevent a terrorist act on the territory of the island, which was planned at an undisclosed public place.

Hollande creates the national guard of France, Corsica nationalists have warned of «ISIS» 29.07.2016

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