Hollande approved a new government of Valls

French President Francois Hollande approved a new government headed by Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The government has 38 Ministers and secretaries of state (a position equivalent to a Ministerial) against 32 in the previous government.

List of members of the new Cabinet of Ministers published on the website of the Elysee Palace, reports UKRINFORM correspondent.

The new French government maintained gender balance; 19 men and 19 women. In General, the government has 18 Ministers and 20 secretaries of state.

So, 66-year-old Jean-Marc Ayrault, who headed the government from 2012 to 2014, became Minister of foreign Affairs and international development of France. The Minister of culture and communications was the cultural Advisor to the French President and the daughter of the former adviser to the king of Morocco andré Azula — Azula Audrey. 43-year-old woman has replaced on this post Floor Perele.

In the third government of Manuel Valls returned representatives of the «green». In particular, the head of the party Emanuel KOs became Minister of housing, leaving the post of national Secretary of the party «Europe Ecology Green». The centrist Jean-Michel baylo became Minister of territorial development of France. Minister for family Affairs, became Secretary of state Laurence Rossignol. Minister of decentralization and public service was appointed Secretary of state for development and Francophonie Annick Girardin. In turn, the government left former Ministers: the head of French diplomacy Laurent Fabius, Minister of housing Sylvia Pinel, decentralization and the civil service — Marilis Lebranchu.

In fact, the personnel changes do not alter the General policy. The government continues to be headed by Manuel Valls. The Ministers of the power block — interior and defence — have also retained their posts. Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared that intends «to continue the reforms until the end of the five-year mandate,» Hollande.

Amid personnel changes in the government, françois Hollande spoke in the evening on TV channels TF1 and France 2, said the new government’s priorities and announced a local referendum concerning the construction of an airport in the Atlantic Loire. Among the main priorities he named three: safety, employment and environmental protection. «I have identified three priorities: first, the protection of the French. The second priority is employment and ultimately the implementation of the global agreement that we signed in the framework of COP21 (Paris climate conference)», — he said.

February 10, Laurent Fabius said that he was leaving the government because of a reshuffle, which President Francois Hollande plans to announce in the coming days. Now Fabius will head the constitutional court of France.

Changes occur on the background of the growing unpopularity of Hollande and discontent within the Socialist party over plans to deprive the French citizenship of people convicted of terrorism. Francois Hollande changes his team before the presidential elections of 2017.

Hollande approved a new government of Valls 12.02.2016

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