Hollande and Merkel called for a long-term truce in Aleppo

After talks in Berlin, the heads of France and Germany urged Russia to extend a shaky truce in Aleppo, Syria. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that to divide the moderate opposition and terrorists under the bombs is impossible. And French President Francois Hollande said that the truce of a few hours is pointless, reports «Interfax».

The talks in Berlin on the Syrian issue were held immediately after the meeting, «Norman Quartet», where we agreed about the next steps on settlement in the Donbass. Syria discussed without the President of Ukraine Poroshenkoin the talks attended by Hollande, Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After the meeting, Merkel said that the conversation was «hard,» reports Reuters, Hollande called the events in Syria a war crime.

«It would be impossible from a moral and political point of view to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, without mentioning Syria, particularly the situation in Aleppo. What is happening in Aleppo, a city of martyrs, is a war crime, — quotes the President TASS France. — That’s why it was very important to reiterate that the main requirement is the cessation of the bombing of the Syrian army and its supporting parties — that is Russia and its aircraft. Shouldn’t bombard this city, under the pretext that there are terrorists, because the population seeks peace and political settlement».

He noted that «this brief pause in hostilities should be devoted to the delivery of humanitarian aid, and anything that can contribute to the political debate about the future of Syria.»

«France and Germany are fully prepared to facilitate such initiatives and the delivery of humanitarian aid in Aleppo,» — said the French President.

«It is our duty and we promise to fulfill it,» he said.

Merkel added that does not preclude the discussion of anti-Russian sanctions during the EU summit.

The French President stated: «All that can be perceived (Russia) as a threat, can be useful.» However, while restrictive measures to speak prematurely, he added.

Putin theme Aleppo commented briefly, but made the extension of the truce, reports Reuters.

«We were also informed of our intention, the intention of the Russian side to extend — to the extent possible, based on the actual current situation in the territory — to extend the pause in the air strikes, — said Putin journalists after the talks. And indeed, we are willing to do it until, until you are faced with the intensification of armed groups entrenched in Aleppo.»

He gave no details and was limited to the statement without answering questions.

On October 17 it became known that the EU countries have condemned Russia’s actions in Syria, but no country in the EU has not proposed sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Aleppo. In the EU, however, noted that strikes by Russian HQs in Aleppo can be regarded as a war crime.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation stated that they would not attack Aleppo on October 20 for 8 hours, but the bombing stopped early on the morning of 18 October.

Hollande and Merkel called for a long-term truce in Aleppo 20.10.2016

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