Hollande agreed with Putin and Merkel: the transitional period in Syria associated with al-Assad

French President Francois Hollande believes that the current President of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) Bashar al-Assad is an impediment to finding a political solution to the situation in Syria. About it on October 23, 2015, reports «Reuters».

«We must work to find a political solution. Assad is not a solution, it is a problem,» said Hollande at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras during his visit to Athens.

Before that, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said that Assad must go from the beginning of the transition period in Syria. The foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubayr said about the need for the removal of Syrian President from power to avoid further escalation of the conflict and the cessation of replenishment of the ranks of Islamic state foreign fighters.

Management believes the U.S. and Britain, the settlement of the conflict in Syria with the participation of Assad is impossible. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland Philip Hammond has claimed that the Assad regime most responsible for the deaths of the citizens of this country.

«The Assad regime most responsible for the deaths of 250 thousand people and millions of refugees,» said Hammond.

In this regard, he noted that Assad cannot be partner in fight against militants «Islamic state» (ISIS) and may not be part of the future Syria.

Note that the UK’s position in this respect, it differs from that announced on September 24 the point of view of the German government. On the day German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the feasibility of introducing the current President of Syria for talks on ending the conflict in that country.

«We need to talk with many participants, including with Assad and with others,» she said at a press conference after the EU summit.

Merkel’s statements on the Syrian issue in recent times in tune with the approaches created in September 2015 to protect the dictatorial regime of Assad rosiiskoi international coalition (Russia — Iran — Iraq), opposed to prosnitsa group support Syrian rebels (UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey). In turn, Assad inside their country based on Shia minority, the alawites, constituting about 10% of the population.

If before Merkel and the other Western leaders have consistently called on Assad to resign «in the interests of Syria and the unity of its people», at the end of August this year it changed its rhetoric and, moreover, began to speak about the fact that it would welcome participation in negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis, Iran, and Russia, provides support to the Syrian regime. In September, Merkel also spoke of the need to cooperate with Russia on Syria.

Hollande agreed with Putin and Merkel: the transitional period in Syria associated with al-Assad 23.10.2015

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